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Fix Ads Flashing at Top Left of Internet Explorer

For a few weeks now, I’ve been dealing with an issue on my computer.  It hasn’t annoyed me to the point of doing anything about it, until last night.  I finally decided it was time to fix the issue.  In Internet Explorer 9 the google ads on nearly every single web page that I visit jump from their locations on the sidebar to the top left of the screen and kinda flash and look annoying.  Plus when I went to my personal branding page www.SarahKimmel.com it was all sorts of messed up.

I finally found that the issue was in the Adobe Flash Player.  Luckily they have now put out a release that fixes the issue.  In order for you to fix it yourself you just need to re-download and install the Flash Player.  Hopefully this will save you some headache if it happens to you too.

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  • Lost my tool bar on Internet Explorer. Can’t even find my bookmarks, yet I know they are somewhere. Where is it? How do I get it back? You should expand your site to include technology for grandmommies. I’ll be following your posts for the answer! Thanks.