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Built on the same principals of equality, unity, and authenticity; House of Marley is a company modeled after the musical prophet himself: Bob Marley.

And it also helps that their high quality and earth friendly products totally rock.

House of Marley is well known for making stylish tech like earbuds, headphones, and audio systems. Their products are not just well designed, they are made to be fashionable and withstand active lifestyles as well.

This is the Exodus On-Ear Headphones from the House of Marley Freedom Collection. All House of Marley products are made from earth-friendly and renewable materials. These lightweight headphones are made from recycled wood, soft leather, and recyclable aluminum. They even have a fabric covered cord that helps reduce tangles, and is engineered to cut down on static resulting in a clearer sound.

The Exodus headphones even come with a three button mic that works flawlessly with all Apple devices. A centered button will allow you to answer and end calls on your phone without ever having to take off your headphones.

Love that!

I also love that the Exodus headphones come with a travel case. Perfect since when I travel I always feel like my headphones have to rest around my neck so they don’t get squashed in my travel bag.

The House of Marley Exodus headphones boast a 5Hz -22kHz  frequency with super clear sound. A 40-millimeter dynamic moving coil speaker drive is also built in for superior sound reinforcement.

That means they are awesome, just trust me on that one.

The House of Marley Exodus headphones retail for $149.99, and can be purchased online HERE.

You can also view other amazing House of Marley products HERE.


Disclaimer: I was not  financially compensated for this post. The Exodus headphones were provided for the review. All opinions are entirely mine. My thirteen year old would like to add her own opinions so that she can justify borrowing said headphones. I have shut her down for entirely selfish reasons. I have no remorse. Just so ya know. 🙂

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