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Yesterday, I shared two awesome devices I will be traveling with to keep my tech devices charged. Today, I want to show you what I will be using to store them all in.

And brag again that I am going on vacation sans kids.

Okay, okay, it’s only for three days, and I will miss them dearly, but still.

Me. Husband. No kids. Television. Food.

You have to admit, it sounds like the perfect trip!

The last time I traveled, I realized I have not owned my own backpack since college. So I just borrowed one of my girls, and then felt like an idiot carrying around a purple butterfly backpack that was obviously not intended for my size.

I realized there was a big difference between using it with and without my children present.

Without the kids I just look creepy.

So… I decided to try something a little more grownup, but with a secret ingredient. 🙂

This is the Powerbag Sling. It comes in six hot colors, including pink!

This backpack most definitely does not say I may or may not have borrowed this from a three year old.

It has multiple pockets. The largest snuggly holds your laptop (up to 14″) , and still has room for a tablet or iPad.

Another pocket for even more devices, and it boasts two roomy side pockets as well.

The front of the Powerbag Sling is where all the magic happens.

The Powerbag has a built in charger, and USB cables.

What the what?

Yup, the backpack charges your devices.

The last time I traveled I drained my phone before I even got on the plane. Oh my stars, this is brilliant.

The Powerbag Sling is complete with a built in Apple USB, Micro, and Mini USB cable, and USB port.

The backpack battery has a 3000mAh battery that easily removes and charges quickly with any plug-in outlet. It also has a LED battery power indicator so you know how much power is left. AND it’s water resistant. Sounds like someone has also traveled with juice boxes before. 🙂

When fully charged, the Powerbag can charge your smart phone twice, and can charge a wide multitude of devices. (For a complete list go here.)

The Powerbag Sling retails for $139.99, and can be purchased online here. And if you want a traditional backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag, Powerbag makes sleek and stylish versions of those too. Just go here to learn more.

I think I am officially ready for my trip! It will feel strange to travel without sippy cups and baby wipes.

I think I will be okay though. 🙂


Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. Powerbag provided me with a Sling backpack for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links.



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