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5-13-2013 2-25-09 PM

Now that I’m the proud owner of an HTC One on Sprint, I wanted to do a few posts about the Android apps I love to play with my kids.

First up is one of my favorite games.   One of my favorite parts of the BlogHer Entrepreneur’s conference I attended recently was playing Fruit Ninja on the ginormous 60 inch touch screen monitor/TV during one of the parties with one of my friends.  We tag teamed the monitor since it was so large.  She was responsible for the flying fruit on the left side of the screen, and I took my job on the right side very seriously.  Fruit Ninja also happens to be one of my kids favorite games too.  My 4 year old boy loves to play it on my tablet, and phone, and my other phone…..  my daughter likes to earn new swords in the game (probably more than she actually likes to destroy the fruit).  The point of the game is to destroy all the fruit (but watch out for the bombs!).  You destroy the fruit that flies through the air with a sword that you control with your finger on the touch screen.  It’s super easy for kids to pick up, but also really fun for adults to play.

Another game I love to play with the kids is Pudding Monsters.  We love to play it on the phone or tablet, but we also play it in person.  My Son will say “pudding monsters!” and we’ll run into each other and hug real tight, then my daughter runs into both of us and we all hug really tight.  The actual game features cute little blobs that you have to maneuver to get them to stick to each other.

Each of these games are super easy for kids to pick up, yet can be a challenge for older players, like me!

Besides playing games on the tablet or phone with my kids, I really enjoy checking out new apps and games.  Browsing through the best Android apps can help you discover a new game that you’d like to play, or even exactly the right app to help you organize your day!  Do you have a favorite mobile game too?

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