Holiday Gift Guide – Adults/Significant Other

Are you at a loss as to what you should get your spouse, your significant other, your brother that you picked in your family’s secret Santa exchange? Don’t you worry! I have you covered this year too! Usefulness is the name of the game here. Something that you know will get used is really the perfect gift. So think about the person, and the things they are passionate about, and pick something from this list that fits the bill. There really is something for everyone.


Nintendo Classic – $60 – Anyone over the age of 30 is definitely going to want this. Hopefully you can find one! They are super hot right now, and don’t go breaking the bank trying to get one on eBay. This is a small system that plugs right into your TV, uses the old school Nintendo controllers, and comes with a ton of games pre-loaded on it. All of your favorites are included like Super Mario Brothers, Metroid, Zelda and Donkey Kong. Christmas morning will be JUST LIKE you remember it as a child!


Fitness Tracker – $100 – $300 – I’ve included fitness trackers in a couple of these gift guides, but that’s because SO many people want them. It’s really a great gift for anyone (someone already into fitness, someone who wants to be better at getting fit… really anyone could fit either of those two statements). There are a ton to choose from, so figure out the kinds of apps they are already using. I really like the Garmin Connect app, and the accompanying Vivosmart band. Many people like Fitbit for the fact that a ton of their friends are already using it and you can have competitions. Figure out what features they prefer and find one that matches.


Camera – $200-$1000 – We all know our phones are amazing at taking pictures, but when you go on vacation, or something special is happening, it’s good to bring out the big guns so you can really capture the memories you want to capture. I love the Panasonic Lumix series. They take amazing photos, and you COULD use the manual settings, but the regular settings do the job just fine, and I don’t have time to figure out crazy complicated settings when I’m just trying to capture a moment.


Smart Thermostat – $150-300 – Adding a smart thermostat to your house can not only help you save on energy, but it really helps keep your house always at exactly the right temperature. I love how easy it is to control, especially from your phone. You can also set automatic settings so you can turn it up and down when you leave the area.


Streaming Device – $30 – $200 – As cord cutters become more and more prevalent streaming devices are becoming essential pieces to your entertainment puzzle. You can access Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu, and any other number of apps.  The latest streaming devices, like the Roku 4 also can stream 4k video. This a great way to get the latest and greatest resolutions to your TV without having to buy a ton of new equipment.


Google Home – $130 – When the Google Home was announced, it was as if Google took a look at my Christmas list and just created everything I ever wanted. The Google Home is a great home automation device that will allow you to run your household with just the sound of your voice. With the full power of Google search behind it, you will be sure it will have all the answers to your life’s questions.



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