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Last year I came down with pneumonia. I pretty much thought I was going to die. I even had tickets to a concert I had to pass on because I literally could not get up off the couch.  When I was finally able to get up and move around like a normal person, I wanted to burn the entire couch to the ground. I could just tell it was riddled with all the germs and junk from me laying on it for a week straight with a fever. Luckily, now I won’t have to burn the entire couch to the ground!

This is also great news for our budget, as we are entering cold and flu season again! The RAYCOP RS2 is WAY more than just a standard vacuum for all those items that don’t quite fit into your washing machine. The RAYCOP has a dual filtration system incorporating a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, and it uses ultraviolet light to kill and remove 99% of the bacteria, 99.8% of the pollen and 90% of general house dust! RAYCOP is not only great for the next time I come down with pneumonia (which is hopefully NEVER), but it will really help our family with two additional dilemmas.

My friend actually pays someone to come to the house a few times a year just to take all the curtains and drapes down to clean them and get the dust off! Just think of the money she could save by just using the RAYCOP RS2 instead!


While the RAYCOP RS2 has been amazing, there is just one thing I wish it had. It does not have a re-chargeable battery, and so you have to keep it plugged in while using it. It’s obviously a first world problem type of complaint, but I hate being tied down to the wall.


Secondly, we have a dog. She is super cute. She has fur, and being a pet, also has pet dander. Combine this with the fact that my husband has asthma, and it can make for some restless nights. In the winter when we lock all that pet dander and dust up in our house because we can’t open the windows, the dander has nowhere else to go except into my husband’s lungs and cause major discomfort. This in turn irritates me because of all the snoring that ensues.

Our cutie pie dog also likes to sleep on our bed… except for when we are sleeping in it. For some reason she avoids it then, but that doesn’t help all the pet dander she’s left behind throughout the day. We can (and DO.. I mean c’mon, we aren’t HEATHENS!) wash our sheets on a regular basis, but there is just no way to get the mattress cleaned up most of the time! The RAYCOP RS2 takes care of this problem super easily. I take the sheets off my bed, and then vacuum the mattress with the RAYCOP RS2. After that, my bed is ready for clean sheets, and I’m ready for a great night of sleep.


The RAYCOP RS2 also features 3 different modes that allow you to use it on more delicate fabrics, and heavy duty fabrics (like your curtains). I can see where this will be super helpful come spring, because in the past, I have had to live on allergy medicine to survive the season. Using the RAYCOP RS2 to get rid of a lot of the allergens in my house might just make this spring the best spring time yet!

Now that I have you concerned about all the dust, bacteria and pollen lurking inside your home, I have good news for you! I’m going to be giving away a RAYCOP LITE, the company’s lightest and most portable purifier, yet powerful enough for most sanitizing jobs! When comparing the RAYCOP RS2 and the RAYCOP LITE, the RAYCOP LITE is more ideal for delicate surfaces like clothes and can even sanitize your yoga mat.

You can pick up your own RAYCOP purifier today at raycop.com/shop.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is follow RAYCOP on Twitter, subscribe to their eNewsletter, and then fill out the form below!  Good luck!!

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