Holiday Gift Guide – College Age

Gifts for your college age kids are all about independence. This is the first time they really have to start taking over responsibility for their lives. The gifts should reflect their new found “adultness”.


Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum – $300 – The first thing they will need to start acquiring is their very own cleaning supplies! An iron, a vacuum, etc. This Dyson is the perfect cleaning tool for a college student. It doesn’t need to be plugged in while in use, so you can use it to clean every nook and cranny in your room. The attachments will also help you keep your desk and your electronics cleaned up as well. It really will be kinda the do it all cleaning tool for your college student. If all they do is vacuum up every once in a while, you can sleep a little easier, right?


Lenovo Yoga Book – $500 – This new device from Lenovo is seriously the ULTIMATE device for a college student. It’s more tablet than laptop, but has a digital type keyboard that they can use to write papers. The keyboard disappears and becomes a large stylus input area! This is perfect for taking notes during a lecture. The notes will automatically be saved digitally to the device while you write it on your notepad. It’s small and lightweight, so it’s going to pack away in a backpack really easily. It also has an amazing battery life, so it can last through a whole day of classes.


Bluetooth Speaker – $30-$300 – Every dorm room or first apartment will need a Bluetooth speaker for rocking out to the music on your phone. What’s a dorm room without a dance party, right?  When I was in college everyone had a boom box… but now that CD’s are pretty much obsolete, a Bluetooth speaker is taking the over the “boom box”, so this is a great gift for your college student.


TCL Roku TV – $150-$500 – A TV with Roku baked right into it is the perfect dorm room addition. You don’t need a ton of devices connected to your TV to have access to all the shows and movies you want to watch.  Plus, it only will take ONE electrical outlet, and when you are in a dorm room, electrical outlets are a hot commodity.


Netflix Subscription – $25 – $150 – It’s a right of passage, I believe, to have your very own Netflix account. It’s like you are a grown up! Netflix is pretty much a necessity now! You just need to make sure that they don’t give out their username and password to all of their friends! You can give them a whole year, or just a couple months to help them get started.


Netgear Wireless Router – $70-$300 – Relying on the university’s wifi is kinda hit and miss. Having your own router in your room or apartment is becoming a necessity as well. You can plug your router into the wired connection in your room, and then connect all of your wireless devices to your own network. It will be much more stable than using the public network that EVERYONE ELSE is using too.





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