Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Whole Family

Gifts for a whole family can be difficult. Young kids, older kids, parents, etc… there are so many age groups to span, it’s hard to find something the entire family can enjoy. The key is to find something the family can either ALL use, or all use together!

Jackbox Games  – Our family LOVES these games! My kids constantly ask if we can play them. Drawful and Fibbage are our favorites. It’s available on Xbox, Amazon Fire, PC, PS4, and a few other platforms. Most likely the family you get it for will have at least ONE of the platforms it’s on. What is so fun about these games is that many people can join the game from their phones, and you all watch what unfolds on the screen. There is no app to download, you just have to visit the website and punch in the room code. I promise you hours of family fun!

Chromecast – First, I love my Chromecast so much that I have one for every single TV in my home. When I’m sitting at someone else’s house, and I pull up a YouTube video and want to cast it onto their TV for everyone to view, and they DON’T have a Chromecast!!  It’s horrible! A Chromecast is such a versatile device that anyone can find it useful. You can stream just about anything from your phone to the TV including photos and videos you take on your phone. One of my favorite uses for my Chromecast is the ability to play my Google Play Music to the TV (which taps it into our surround sound system) while I’m cooking dinner.

Logitech Harmony Remote  – A universal remote should be an essential device in everyone’s home, and there isn’t a better universal remote than Logitech’s Harmony. It’s SO easy to setup and use. Not only can you control ALL of your entertainment devices, but it can also control several smart home devices as well, such as your Nest thermostat.

Wii U – If you are looking for a gaming console that the whole family can have fun playing, the Wii U is definitely your go to device. It has all the great Mario games that you know and love, and a whole slew of Early Childhood rated games that the little ones will love. Our family loves to play MarioKart as a family on a fairly regular basis.

kSafe – So, this device I could see myself hating, and also loving. You put your phone, or the game controllers, or whatever you want into the safe, and set the timer. Once the timer is done you can finally access your device. You can’t get into the safe prior to the timer expiring. It’s great to use during dinner time, or bed time (when all the devices should be going to bed) or any other time you want uninterrupted moments with your family!

You can’t go wrong with something that the entire family can enjoy together!

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