Holiday Gift Guide 2016: White Elephant

The key to a great white elephant gift is the humor factor. If the entire party laughs as your gift is opened, then that is considered a total win. If you can get the humor part down AND find something that is somewhat useful, then you’ve hit the white elephant jackpot. They should also not be very expensive, so all of my suggestions are below $20.

Shark with Frickin Laser Beams – All I want is sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads! Is that too much too ask? Now you can have a shark with a frickin laser beam attached to it’s head! PLUS it works as a laser pointer… WINNING!

Dude Dash Button – This one might not be as obvious of a joke, but for those that get it, it will be pretty funny. I ADORE my dash buttons. DUDE is a brand of wipes. You can give the gift that keeps on giving (as long as they pay for them!) Push the button and be sent Dude wipes. You could even package some of the wipes with the dash button, so they understand what it’s for.

Elephant Cell Phone Holder – What white elephant list is complete without an actual elephant. This elephant doubles as a cell phone holder though. It’s nice to be able to prop up your phone while sitting at your desk, and allowing an elephant to hold it up, is just so much better.

Fan for your Phone – Plug this little device into your phone, and the fan will start moving. Your own personal phone powered fan at any time you need it.

LED Gloves – These gloves have lights! It’s the ultimate Christmas accessory!

Good luck at your next White Elephant exchange! With any of these, your gift is sure to be a hit!

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