Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Grandparents

We love our grandparents! They can sometimes be slightly technologically challenged though, so tech gifts for them can get a little bit tricky. If you find the right gift for them, though, it can make their lives so much easier! You just need to find that right one! Never fear though. I have you covered with some REALLY great gifts for the grandparents in your life.


First up is a brand new product that I think is just absolutely perfect for grandparents. The actual product isn’t shipping until February, but they will send you something you can wrap up and put under the tree.  The device looks like a typical digital picture frame. The difference is that it can be automatically updated from mulitple sources (Facebook, Instagram, and even Dropbox). All of your family members can hook up to the specific channel, and your grandparents can have an automatically updating digital picture frame with all the most recent photos you (and your siblings or cousins) have taken, with almost zero effort from you. The device is called Loop. You can also video chat through the device. Since they can sometimes have a hard time using social media, this is a perfect way to keep them up to date! Also check out the Nixplay, which is available now, but doesn’t have the video chat capability.


There are some really great devices from that are perfect for Grandparents.  They have a smartphone that has a very simple user interface, and an emergency button to get immediate help.


They also have a great fitness tracker/alert device. It doesn’t look like your typical alert type device, and it has the added benefit of doing fitness tracking. The tracker has about a 6 month battery life, so you won’t have to charge it often, and it’s waterproof, so they never have to take it off.


Another great device to help make life easier for your grandparents is a Google Home. You will likely need to set it all up for them, but once it’s set up, they can ask it to play them some music, or tell them the weather, and it will happily oblige. All those questions that they end up calling you for…. they may just find the answers by asking the Google Home.


Last up, we’ve got an Amazon Kindle. Many grandparents love to read, and giving them an entire library at their fingertips is a GREAT gift for them! They can make the print as large as possible if they are having a hard time seeing regular books, which will be really nice for them. I know my grandparents always had a huge magnifying glass that they would use when they read. Adjusting the font on the books they are reading will be a great change.

You can definitely show the grandparents in your life how much you mean to them, and how much you think about making their lives easier! You could also just give them a homemade card, and they would probably be just as happy… grandparents are funny like that.


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