Going Green with the iGo Power Smart Tower (Review)

I was lucky enough to receive a Power Smart Tower along with my Charge Anywhere from iGo.  Not only does it look FANTASTIC on my new desk, it’s the perfect “house” for my headset.  As most of you know I run an IT helpdesk.  I use my headset all day long, and I HATE things cluttering up my desk.  So right off the bat I was in love with my new toy.  I also like how clean the tower itself looks.  I was able to run all my cables behind the tower, which helped pick the cables up off the floor (which was good because my son liked to pull on all of the cords under the desk when I had everything plugged in underneath the desk).

Not only does it provide a nice looking place to power all of my desktop accessories, but it’s also helping the planet!  iGo Green® Technology automatically reduces wasted standby power. Plug in your computer and other devices to save power without the hassle of unplugging your devices.  As you may know, even when a device is turned off, if it’s still plugged in then it’s still getting power from the outlet.

The only real way to cut out that power usage is to unplug the device from the wall.  With this tower you do not have to do that.  It has 4 plugs that are “always on” for devices that need constant power.  The other 4 plugs are using the iGo Green® Technology which automatically powers down outlets when not in use and powers back up again when devices need power – reducing standby power by up to 85%.

The Tower also has 2 USB outlets in the front, for when you just need to charge a device, like your phone or iPod.  I love that I don’t have to plug the phone into the computer to charge it.  I just plug it into the tower and I’m good to go.

The design also has some cool features too.  It has cable management built in, so you can run all of your cords through the bottom of the Tower.  This cuts down on the “birds nest” that can happen around your surge protector.  There are 4 “fixed” plugs that are just straight like you would plug into a wall, and then there are 4 rotating plugs that can move up and down to accommodate different sizes and shapes of plugs.  This is really great, because I am never able to use all of the plugs available to me on a regular surge protector because one plug is always ginormous, and takes up about 3 plugs.  That doesn’t happen with this tower.  The last thing on the design is the plug that goes into the wall.  it is flat so it will be able to fit behind desks and isn’t sticking out of the wall.  It also can turn 360 degrees to make sure the cord is always flush with the wall no matter which direction the cord is going.

Needless to come right out and say, I am definitely in love with this tower.  Not only does it look great on my desk, and give me a super convienent spot to store my headset, but it’s also helping my bottom line (electricity bill), and helping the environment.  Another WIN for iGo!  Keep the great devices coming!

*Disclosure – iGo provided me the Tower to facilitate the review.  All thoughts and ideas on the device are my own, and I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

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