3D Glasses for Kids in RealD

We were lucky enough to be given tickets to see Toy Story 3 in 3D by the company RealD!  They have just released some great new kids size glasses for ages 8 and under!  This is really great news for most of the families that I know.

We went to see “How to Train Your Dragon” with some of our friends about a month ago (it was my first experience with RealD, more on that later).  Their daughter was around 2 years old, and she kept taking her glasses off.  Mainly because they didn’t fit.  Maddie kept hers on, but I could tell that they weren’t very comfortable for her.  When the glasses don’t fit, the experience of a movie in 3D has got to be a bit disappointing!  So great job RealD for catering even to your youngest audiences, even if they don’t typically make the purchasing decisions.

Now about the latest craze in entertainment these days… that is 3D.  I’ll admit it.  I was firmly NOT on the 3D bandwagon to begin with.  I really thought about the old school days of the red and blue paper glasses, that never stayed on my face, that never really looked very 3D to me.

Enter one day waiting for my husband at Best Buy.  They had a display with a Samsung 3D TV, Blu-Ray and Glasses.  I was skeptical (again coming from the frame of reference of the horrible blue and red), I put the glasses on and was completely amazed.  It looked crisp, detailed, and most importantly 3-Dimensional!  I sat there watching “Monster’s vs. Aliens”, and suddenly NEEDED this technology in my home (we don’t quite have it yet… nudge nudge to Samsung!  We do have the 3D Blu-Ray player, just missing the TV and the glasses now!)

So now when it came down to going to see “How to Train Your Dragon”, I was ready to give 3D a shot.  Again, I was blown away by the quality of the graphics and the crispness of the 3rd Dimension.  There were times the dragons were flying right at me, and it really felt like they were!  I was thrilled with my experience with the next generation of entertainment, and was officially on the bandwagon.

So when RealD approached me with a couple of free pairs of the kids size glasses (you get individually wrapped glasses at the theater anyway, but in Utah county there are probably more kids in the theater than adults.  Kid glasses may be hard to come by!).  They also sent me 2 tickets to go see Toy Story 3!  My husband and I finally got the chance to take our kids to see it yesterday.  It definitely did not disappoint.  Again, the graphics were amazing.  Maddie loved her glasses, they were just the right size!  They even fit our 1 year old too, but I can’t even get him to sit still, let alone keep a pair of glasses on for longer than two seconds.  The movie itself of course had amazing writing, a wonderful story and fantastic animation.  When a movie can get me teared up about TOYS then that is some awesome writing!

So go check out the movie in 3D with the new kid size RealD glasses.  You are sure to not be disappointed!

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