Heaven Sent Mobile Charging (iGo Charge Anywhere Review)

While it’s a well known fact that I adore my Palm Pre, it is also a well known fact that the Palm Pre’s battery leaves a little bit to be desired.  I work my phone to death too, so on a busy day of tweeting, texting, and browsing the web during a conference, my battery drains faster than a battery in my son’s favorite toy.  Enter the iGo Charge Anywhere.  The good people at iGo were gracious enough to send me one to check out, and I am in LOVE!

I recently spoke at the Casusal Blogger Conference, and had a really great time.  Since I was super busy during the conference, taking lots of notes on my phone, entering more to do list items, tweeting and texting, my phone started to lose it’s juice pretty close to the end of the day.  The first day of the conference I forgot to bring my new friendly toy, and I ended up running out of batteries.  My friend and I had some plans to meet up later, and lets just say it was a bit difficult once my phone bit the power dust. 

Day two I was much smarter, and brought my iGo Charge Anywhere with me.  I was able to plug the phone into the charger and had use of my phone the rest of the day!  Seriously a heaven sent device. 

It’s extremely easy to use too.  You plug the base into your wall and charge up the charger.  Then you can stick it in your purse with the cable, and you are good to go!  It has 2 usb ports on the bottom, and a handy power button at the top.  You can purchase several different “tips” to match any device you may need to charge.  Plug the device into the charger, press the power button, and your device will start charging right away.

I have been on several trips lately (Chicago with Hoover, Arizona with Bosch, and my upcoming trip to Dell for #DellCAP).  Each time I have ended up running out of batteries before I wanted to.  In Chicago I was REALLY bummed because I forgot to charge my phone in the hotel the night before the Housewares show, and ended up running out of batteries during the show!  I missed out on taking several pictures, and several things that I wanted to tweet because my phone was completely out of juice.  That won’t be happening anymore now that I can keep a charger in my purse, and not have to scour the airport for a plug.  Thanks iGo for thinking of such a great device.  Definitely a must have for any road warrior. 

Next week I’ll be reviewing another product by iGo, so stay tuned!

*Disclosure – iGo provided me one charger to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and ideas are my own and I was not compensated in any other way to write this review.

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