Geek Squad Summer Academy for Kids!

I get quite a few pitches via my email inbox daily.  Sometimes I ignore them, and sometimes I’m inclined to click.  As soon as I saw an email for the Geek Squad Summer Academy I had to click.  Sounded interesting enough… could it be what I thought it would be?  A quick perusal of the website let me know that YES!  Definitely it is what I hoped it would be.  A few days of hands on classes for kids learning coding and PC building among other things!  I was super excited, and hoped that there would be one locally.  Luckily there will be one right here in Salt Lake City next month!  Feel free to check the website to see if there will be one in your area as well.

Unfortunately my kids are too young to attend.  I was able to get my nephew into the academy though.  He is 13, and is a whiz at science and math.  I thought this would be such a great experience for him!  I went to register him and was SHOCKED at the price!  The cost is only $35 which includes Geek Squad t-shirt and backpack, a 1 GIG hard drive and lunch for both days (cost may vary in other areas)!

The following subjects will be taught at Geek Squad Summer Academy events:

PC Build
Students will learn about the ins and outs of computer components in a hands on learning environment. During this class they will build a computer and learn several hardware troubleshooting techniques

Students will learn the basic foundation for computer programming with teamwork and critical thinking concepts, utilizing some of the most current technologies.

Digital Photography
While participating in groups, students will learn the functionality of digital cameras while improving picture-taking techniques through advanced photography methods.

Digital Music
Students will learn how to use some of the most popular music creation techniques utilizing music creation software. Students will work together to create music by adopting some of the music technology processes that are used by musicians today.

Activity time plays a crucial part in participating in Geek Squad Summer Academy. Students are able to participate in activities that include that latest gaming systems and content available for Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation® Move systems.

I’m super excited about this opportunity for my nephew, and I’ll be making him write a follow up post my blog so you can see exactly what he got out of the experience.  If you have kids aged 9-14 you should definitely sign them up for this.  Even if they don’t end up pursuing a computer science degree, I think every kid should know how to put together a computer.  If for nothing else, you may just end up with your own little technical support in your house for when your computer crashes!

Disclosure: Geek Squad Summer Academy is covering the cost for my nephew to attend, but did not compensate me in any other way for this post and promotion.  I’m just super excited to see kids get excited about technology (and not just the video game kind)

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