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I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time, and I’m finally getting my blogging shoes back on, so expect much more to come!  My kids have been playing on the computer since they were about 6-9 months old.  Now that they are 3 and almost 7, they still love to play on the computer.  What can I say… have you seen who their mom is?  So, needless to say, I definitely encourage it.  It’s not like they are on the computer all day long or anything, but they do their fair share of online gaming.  There are so many different sites and games out there, sometimes it’s hard to weed through and decide which ones you actually want to fork over the monthly fee to keep your kids in the game.  Here are the ones we actually pay a monthly fee for, and why…

KidZui – Hands down this is the one that gets used the most in my house, and therefore completely worth the monthly fee.  There is a free 10 day trial to get your feet wet.  What I like about KidZui is that it allows your kids to browse through YouTube videos in a SAFE environment.  Even though there isn’t the REALLY bad stuff on YouTube, there is a LOT of stuff I wouldn’t want my 6 year old watching.  This was the perfect way to let her have the freedom to check out funny videos of nyan cats, without the worry of her stumbling onto something inappropriate.  They are also able to access a huge number of kid appropriate websites as well.  My daughter doesn’t have to google for pbskids, she can access it right from within KidZui.

FoozKids – Right behind KidZui, I’d say they play with FoozKids the most.  The great thing about FoozKids is that not only to they get a huge array of their favorite shows and characters to play and interact with, it has some other really great features.  The university helps kids learn math and other skills in a really fun environment.  The skill level ranges from Kindergarten to 5th grade, and you can even get report cards on how well they are doing in the university.  You can control from the parents dashboard which sites and characters your kids have access to.  My other favorite part of the program is the mail section.  My daughter is constantly drawing messages and recording messages to send to my inbox.  I get an email telling me that I have a new message on FoozKids and I can send her one back.  This is really great when I’m working.

JumpStart – While Maddie likes to play this one, it’s still a bit too advanced for Michael.  Her favorite thing to do on JumpStart is to hatch “mithies” and take care of them.  They are mythological pets that she can interact with. She also likes to attend the online concerts and explore the worlds.  I don’t allow her to accept any friend requests on JumpStart, and don’t allow her to request anyone to be her friend.  I’m not ready for her to be involved on that level.  Frankly, she’s not ready for it either.  Even though there are only set phrases they can say to each other, I’m just too paranoid to let her do anything on that front yet.  She really enjoys playing this game, even without the social aspect.

MoshiMonsters – MoshiMonsters is one my daughter actually begged me to sign her up for, and she had to do some serious earning to get it.  Like I mentioned previously on JumpStart she loves to adopt the pets.  That’s pretty much what this one is all about.  You adopt the pet, and make it look exactly how you want it to look and create a room for it, and then interact with it.  This also has a social aspect, which she is also not allowed to participate in.

So there you have it, the online worlds I have actually signed up for and pay monthly for my kids to play.  If I had to cut back I’d really just narrow it to the top two (KidZui and FoozKids), both have a great variety, and feature the characters my kids already know and love.

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