Five Boards to Follow to Inspire Kid’s Talents

My daughter is unique. She has never been into dolls, or princesses, or anything else typically reserved for the “female” side. I know she gets that from me, as I was always quite the tom boy as well. She is extremely talented and smart (I swear I’m not just biased, she really is insanely smart). She recently made this Olympic dragon for me during the Olympics (cause I am more than just a little bit obsessed with the Olympics) 2014-02-20 17.30.41  

She’s always drawing dragons, building incredible worlds in Minecraft, swimming (she is on a swim team), building with LEGO’s, and basically being all around awesome. When I told her that we were going to go see the All-New Tinker Bell Movie, “The Pirate Fairy” she was super excited and said “I can’t wait to see all the talents mixed up!” She has seen a commercial for it and knows that part of the movie all of the individual talents the fairy’s posses get mixed up and they have to perform the other fairy’s duties. I think it’s a great way for kids to see that not all things that they can do things that other kids can’t do well, and other kids can do things that they can’t do well. As a Mom, I like to encourage my daughter’s talents and interests, and help her to improve upon them. Pinterest is the place where just about every Mom gets ideas for games, products, activities, food and even inspiration for things to do with their kids. So when I went searching for ideas on things I can do with my dragon lovin, Minecraft building, swimmer, I just knew Pinterest would have the answer for me. So, drumroll please…..

I give you my 5 favorite Pinterest boards that help me spark my daughter’s creativity and encourage her to improve her talents.


Since we are heading to see the Pirate Fairy this weekend, pirates have been a pretty big deal in our house this week. Obviously, I turn to Pinterest to help me out. Before we head out the door on Saturday, my daughter and her little friend who is also very into crafty things, are planning on making these pirate ships. The Pirate Fairy is now on Blu-ray and Digital HD so they can bring the crafts they’ve made.


Since most kids love LEGOs, this board is absolutely awesome. It’s got a ton of ideas on things to build, educational games to play with LEGO’s and so much more!


Who would have thought in this day and age of HD graphics and bazillions of pixels that an 8-bit graphic game would take the world by storm. Alas, it has, and my kids are just as obsessed as the next. Pinterest definitely has the answer to Minecraft, and I found this board had the most comprehensive collection of crafts, games, and activities you can do to bring the 8-bit into the real world.


As I mentioned before, dragons are the name of the game for my little girl. I found the perfect board for her to get all sorts of craft ideas on different ways to make dragons, and dragon related paraphernalia. She literally wanted me to go out and buy the materials to make this dragon immediately!


Last, but definitely not least, Maddie is a swimmer. She’s always been a little fish. Whenever we go to the pool I have to wait for her head to pop up above water long enough so I can call her name to tell her it’s time to go. She could seriously live underwater. I think she may have gills somewhere. With being on Swim Team comes a LOT of volunteer work on my part, and fun parties on her part. This is the best board I’ve found to help give Maddie some humor, inspiration, and definitely some awesome swimming related jewelry and crafts.

So, if you have a little one just like Maddie, you may want to pay attention to those boards. It’s definitely where I start when she’s saying she’s bored and wants something to do!

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