Family Tech News (11/19)

Google WiFi Routers go on sale!

The new routers from Google promise to make your home network super easy to manage. You can control your network from an app on your phone and easily share your Wi-Fi password, see what devices are online, and prioritize them for better performance.  You can also use Google Wifi’s family controls to pause the signal to your children’s devices, like at bedtime or dinnertime.  You will also be able to easily pair multiple devices throughout your house so the signal is always strong.

Beware Fake News!

Fake news has been around for a WHILE now, but it’s becoming front and center this week while everyone is calling out companies like Facebook and Google to do more to protect everyone from spread of fake news. There are a couple of plugins or apps you can use to notify you if you are on a fake news site. Fake News Alert and BS Detector are two Chrome extensions that will help you do this. Make sure to install them on your parents computer when you visit for Thanksgiving this week.  😀

Dominos Delivers via Drone!

In New Zealand this week Dominos successfully delivered a pizza via a drone. I love that this is being tested! Pizza delivery can be MUCH faster! More cost effective for the restaurants too. Although, it may put some folks out of a job. 🙁 So, maybe with the speed increase, they will need more people making the pizzas at a higher volume. Then, jobs + fast pizza = wins all around.

Pinterest Explore

Add Pinterest to the latest social platform to get a “trending” area. This will features pins in several different categories that are currently getting repinned a lot, or a lot of people are clicking on or using. I love this new discovery feature of Pinterest, and I’m sure it will help me waste even more time browsing the site!

Google PhotoScan

Google is just on a roll with what they are releasing! PhotoScan is an app that will allow you to snap pictures of physical pictures (scanning them into digital form essentially). It eliminates some of the pitfalls of taking photos of photos, like glare and such. It seems to do a pretty great job fixing those issues. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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