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Pinterest announced this week that you can now mark certain pins as “tried it”. If you are like me and you have a bunch of recipes pinned, sometimes it’s good to weed out the ones you’ve already tried out! I’m excited to TRY IT OUT. HA, see what I did there? You can even add feedback, notes and photos to help others decide if they should give it a go too. I really love this part of the feature, since sometimes when you come across a pin that looks DELICIOUS, and is actually horrible, you will be able to see if others have tried it before you go all in!


Amazon lets you cast spells! To help promote the new movie Fantastic Beasts, Amazon is allowing you to cast a few spells! Incendio will set Amazon’s page on fire, orchideous will give you a bouquet of flowers, aguamenti will flood the screen with water, lumos will shine a light in the dark, and my favorite reducto will shatter your screen into pieces. These will work on your phone and on the desktop, so go ahead and try them out (I’ve linked to them directly if you don’t want to try and remember each spell.)


Snapchat spectacles are now on sale, but there’s a catch. In a very on brand move, Snapchat put a pop up vending machine in Venice, CA and only kept it up for 24 hours. During which time you could purchase the $140 spectacles. There was a huge line (of course), and then it was gone. They will be announcing the next location tomorrow. The spectacles will record 10-30 second videos, which can then be used in the Snapchat app. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, since the Google Glass experiment wasn’t exactly successful. I think they are smart with the current sales plan (with the 24 hour pop up spots) instead of mass distribution. We’ll see how it plays out for them!


If you have been using Instagram stories at all, you may have noticed a new option when creating a story, and that is Boomerang. Boomerang has been a separate app that will allow you to create short GIF’s to share in Instagram. Now you don’t even need the additional app to add them to your your Instagram stories. They have also allowed you the ability to tag friends inside your story, and add a clickable URL! This is definitely a HUGE win for brands, and social influencers! Instagram also confirmed that they are working on a live streaming feature. It will definitely be interesting to see who is going to win these social wars with all of the functionality that is being copied from one to the other!


Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition this week! I know my husband has been super excited about this gaming system. It has the original controllers we all knew and loved as children, and comes with over 60 of the original NES games built right in. This is seriously going on my holiday gift guide for ANYONE who lived in the 80’s! Good luck trying to find one right now though, they are sold out EVERYWHERE!


RUMOR DEPT!!  So, we will file this under rumor’s for right now, but they seem pretty credible. DirecTV Now (which is a service I am DYING to be released) had a few documents leaked to the press that outlined a few things. One was a partial channel lineup, which appears to have the Hallmark channel… which is HUGE news for me, and for just about every other fan of their Christmas movies! Hallmark channel’s facebook page is riddled with cord cutters wanting to be able to stream this channel, and it looks like we just might be able to VERY SOON. The other bit of rumor is that as an incentive to sign up for the service they are giving away an Apple TV if you sign up for several months (and pay in advance) and a Fire Stick if you pay for one month! If all these rumors are true, DirecTV Now is shaping up to be extremely successful!

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