Family Tech News 2/25/2017

Pinterest launches new discovery methods!

In an effort to be your bookmarking station for years to come, Pinterest has launched a beta version of what it is calling Pinterest Lens. What this will do is utilize your phone’s camera to help you discover pins relating to that image. Imagine you are at your friends house and see an outfit that you LOVE, just use Pinterest Lens to find out how to get something similar (especially if your friend can’t remember where they got it!). This can also work if you are at a high end store to find less expensive versions of what you want.

They also launched a circle icon within their app, which helps you find similar pins right away. Instead of having to click on the pin and going through the related images below it. This will make finding the things you want or the hair you want or the food you want to make, so much faster and easier!

Instagram allows multiple images!

This is one I’m SUPER excited for! Instagram now allows you to use multiple images in a single post. Gone are the days of trying to fit everything in a single collage that no one can see! This will also totally help prevent friends from spamming your entire feed with images of their super awesome vacation. I can also see this as REALLY helpful for bloggers who can put multiple steps to a recipe or project within a single post. I’m sooo on board with this development!

Google search now can find docs

When you use the Google search bar on your android device and scroll over to the In Apps section of the search bar, it will now give you results from your Google drive documents! This will definitely help me, since I can never remember where I saved certain documents!

Spotify releases 3 original content podcasts

Spotify has announced 3 brand new podcasts exclusive to the Spotify platform. Showstopper brings together two of the most culturally relevant topics of our time: TV shows and music. Through interviews with music supervisors, this biweekly podcast provides a pop culture analysis of our favorite music moments in TV. Unpacked will travel to festivals around the country for daily interviews with musicmakers, filmmakers, app-makers, food-makers and all manner of creative folks gathering together. The Chris Lighty Story chronicles how music industry exec extraordinaire, Chris Lighty shaped the careers of some of hip hop’s most beloved artists like 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown, and Puff Daddy. It will definitely be interesting to see how well this does, and if following Netflix’s example of having original content is what really makes your service the one to have.

Disney launches emoji creation contest.

If you are really good at creating your own emojis... earn yourself a trip to Disney Studios in LA and a free year of Adobe Creative Cloud! If I had any sort of artistic talent whatsoever… I’d be all over this contest!



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