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I hate shopping. I love saving money, but I really, really hate shopping. Mostly that hate stems from the desire to find deals but having to peruse the bundles of ads we get in the mail for said deals, or clip coupons, or walk through department stores looking for sales, or gathering aforementioned ads and coupons for price matching. I put it off as long as I possibly can, and in the end I usually skip most of the bargain hunting stuff and hope to be surprised by a great sale and a great selection at the first store I go to.

I’m just not willing to put so much effort into the serious amount of organization one needs to have to keep all that info straight. You’ve got to mean business to do hardcore deal hunting and I just don’t have it in me. At least that’s what I thought.

Shopular faves

But there’s another way. The new app, Shopular (it’s free and available for Apple and Android alike), takes the annoyance and headaches out of money saving by putting all the current information in an app—weekly circulars, current sales, and coupons—for all your favorite department stores. You can toss all that junk you get in the mail and look for deals on your phone, no web surfing necessary. When setting up the app you can select all your favorite stores from Abercrombie to Walmart and the app will keep you updated with sales, deals, and coupons they currently have available.

Now that I have the Shopular app, bargain shopping is an easy thing. Take this past week for example. The weather got cold and wet. I could no longer delay buying winter shoes for the kids, not in good conscience. Normally this is when the dread would creep over me, the dread of having to spend time researching online or going to three different stores trying to find the best shoes for the best price.

Shopular home

Without having to visit the websites of the individual stores I normally visit, sifting through the ads that came in the mail, or stepping foot outside my house, I ascertained that Payless is doing their ever present BOGO ½ off sale, Children’s Place is doing 15% off the entire purchase, Gordman’s is doing 20% off a single item, and Kohl’s didn’t really have any tempting sales on kids footwear at the moment—neither did Old Navy, or Target. Problem solved. Let’s go to Children’s Place. All of this information gathering and problem solving was accomplished in about 2 minutes.

Shopular Redeem Coupon

The even better part is that not only does Shopular tell you about the sales, but the app will give you the accompanying promo code you need to get the sale price online (if that’s possible), as well as the ability to pull up any coupons necessary for the savings right there on your phone, so you don’t have to clip anything out, or curse yourself at the checkout for forgetting to bring the coupon that was the whole reason you went to that store in the first place. Nice, right?

shopular saved coupons

And, beyond just allowing you to redeem your coupons right there on your phone, you can save the deals and coupons you’re planning on using in one place, so that you aren’t caught frantically searching for that-one-coupon-you-could-swear-was-there-somewhere once you get to the front of the line. It’ll be right there where you saved it.

There are no in app purchases or advertising (besides the deals and coupons the app shows…), which is always highly valued in a free app. The only part that I find frustrating is that Shopular has tried a couple times to get me to share the app with all my contacts. I detest spam, so I don’t spam people I like. The app presents the spamming like, if I don’t send it to all my friends, it will cancel whatever I was doing. It doesn’t though. Just hit “cancel” and the annoying invite will go away.

Overall, Shopular is a pretty sweet app for anyone interested in saving money and cutting down on the time it takes to make that happen. And if you are one of those bargain hunters who means business–you know who you are–this app will pretty much be your new BFF.

Alright, now for the Giveaway! Shopular wants to give one of our lucky readers a $50 gift card to any of Shopular’s top 10 retailers: Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Bath and Body Works, Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Macy’s, Old Navy, or Walgreens. To enter, you must fill out the entry form below. Entries will be accepted through Sept 22nd and the winner will be notified by email on Sept 23rd.

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