Easy Couponing for the Digital Age

Who doesn’t love a good coupon?  It’s almost like printing your own money sometimes!  What I don’t love is paper, or scissors, or remembering which coupons I have that will work with what I’m actually buying.  I’m what we’ll call a “lazy couponer”  If I happen to remember that I have coupons for the products I’ve added to my shopping cart, then YAY, otherwise…. meh.  One of the ever present reasons I adore technology.  I truly never have to clip an actual coupon again.

I really have tried to go the “real” route and purchased a Sunday paper, clipped my coupons for the products that I was planning on buying anyway, and then I went online to print coupons.  The coupons I found available to print online, were pretty much the SAME coupons I had just clipped from the newspaper.  Then, I visited the grocery store’s website and clipped coupons directly to my shopper club card, and guess what?  Again, it was the SAME coupons!  So in the interest of saving money, AND time, now I just go directly to the store’s website and clip those coupons.

The great thing about using this method is that I never have to bring my coupons anywhere (cause I would ALWAYS forget them).  If I can’t remember what the coupon I have is for, I can easily pull up the app on my smartphone and see all of the available coupons, including the ones I’ve already clipped to my shopper’s card.  I will venture to say that MOST grocery stores now have this capability.  Even my tiny local chain does.  I’m going to use the example of my local Kroger chain…

I sign into my Smith’s Food and Drug account online, I’m presented with this week’s ad, and the available digital coupons.



All I need to do is click “load to card” and when I check out at the grocery store next time and purchase any of the items I have clipped coupons for, it will automatically activate the coupon!

To find your local store, just do a Google search for the store, and see if the website has the digital coupon capability.  You can also search the Google Play store for an app for the store you are shopping at.  Just about all of the bigger stores have an app.  Target’s app is called Cartwheel, and I’ve talked about it in the past.

So throw out your scissors, and start clipping those digital coupons instead.  The Oregonian in me thanks you.

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