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I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of workout DVD’s.  I’m fairly certain my very first workout tape… yes it was back in the “VHS days” was a Jane Fonda workout, complete with leg warmers.  I know for sure though, that my first workout DVD set was Tae Bo, the original box, you know the one…


I loved this DVD so much.  I used it several times a week.  Then I started getting a little more adventurous and graduated to Kathy Smith, tried a Denise Austin… she wasn’t my cuppa tea.  Needless to say, I’ve been working out from home long before it even became a necessity.  When my children were born, it became essential that I work out from home.  There are SO many options for me now, that my over 50 disc workout DVD collection is almost becoming completely unnecessary!  (don’t worry, I’ve solved that problem too).  So, I bring you my favoritest of favorite streaming options for getting fit!

I love my Roku 3, and use it the most for my workouts, but many of these you can use either just on the web, or through apps available on PS3, PS4, xbox, phones, tablets, etc.  Many of these are paid subscriptions, but almost all of them are cheaper (and more convenient than a gym membership)


DailyBurn – I probably use this one the most.  It has the most variety, and the exact intensity that I want in a workout.  Even when I wake up too late and just want to do something super quick, it has a workout for that.  When I’ve been hitting it hard all week, and just want something easy, it has a workout for that.  The trainers are fun and engaging, although Anja happens to be my favorite, and I visit her workouts the most.  Cost for this is $10/month, and you can try it out for 30 days completely free!

FitnessGlo – Getting used 3rd most on my Roku (I’ll get to the 2nd most at the end) is FitnessGlo.  The instructors are great (and many of them are instructors I have actual DVD’s for), but the sets are a little stark (not that I need a big fancy set, but it just seems SO lonely).  The workouts are great though if you can get past the visual.  Plus some of the classes are in “class” type environments where there are people in front of you between you and the instructor.  If I wanted to try and look around someone I would have gone to the gym, thanks.  They should put the people behind the instructor so it doesn’t look so strange on film.  This one is $12/month



GaiamTV – What I really like about this streaming service, is that it has all the DVD’s I’ve wanted to buy, but never had time to collect them all.  My favorite DVD’s being the FIRM series.  GaiamTV has just about all of the FIRM DVD’s in their collection, which is awesome.  It’s also probably the best spot to find a TON of different Yoga workouts.  $10/month

YouTube – is actually another really great option, that is FREE!  Some of my favorite channels to subscribe to are iFiteFit30, ToneItUp, FitnessBlender, and my FAVORITE BodyRock.

The last one I’m going to mention is what gets used second most in my house.  That is my Plex server.  I’ve taken all of the workout DVD’s I have (of which there are many) and ripped them all up to my local Plex server.  Now I don’t have to dig the discs out from under my weights and other equipment, and I can just browse through all of my DVD’s and select the one I want to do.

Streaming fitness has seriously changed my life, and my body.  After I had my son I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed in my life, and NOW I’m currently down to about where I was when I got married… with a goal to get down to ALMOST high school weight, maybe not QUITE that much though.

What are your fitness goals, and how do you reach them??

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