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I just tried out a beautiful new story book app with my kids called And So You Were Born. Available through iTunes for $3.99, It’s a one-of-a-kind story book for the iPad and iPad2 where you can personalize the book with audio and video recordings. How cool is that? You can also alter the story text making it more personal as well.

The story behind the book is delightful for children. Kids learn of the love that others have for them, and about the purpose of giving love in return. The book also focuses on spreading love to others, and uniting our differences and diversities.

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The book illustrations are very vibrant and colorful. They are also interactive, one feature my kids really enjoyed while reading the book.

I was worried setting up the books video and audio recording would be difficult, but I found it easy to use and very versatile with its options. (Just a side note, you can only video record with the iPad2. Audio recording only with the iPad 1.)

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I was also pleasantly surprised to find several games and activities in the app as well.  After reading the book, my two daughters loved playing the match game and coloring pages from the actual story book.

Overall, my children really enjoyed this app, and I appreciated the underlying message of love and diversity!

And So You Were Born is currently only available for the iPad and iPad2, but will be coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch in just two weeks. You can purchase And So You Were Born in the app store for $3.99 here. You can learn more about And So You Were Born here.

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