Skanz Jr. Bandz

I have a teenager, and my teenager has friends.

Have you ever had a teenage girl plus multiple friends at your house before?

It’s loud. It’s crazy. It makes you grateful you bought Excedrin last Tuesday.

It’s also a lot of fun.

The problem with teens is, they aren’t alway so easy to entertain. I don’t mind kids coming over to play video games for a few minutes, but hours of TV entertainment just doesn’t fly at our house. Plus, I hate that my kids don’t interact with friends when they do it.

My teenage daughter loves technology. I need something she can do with friends that forces her to actually get to know them, and socialize with them. That’s why I was stoked to hear about Skanz Jr Bandz.

Skanz Jr. Bandz sell for around $10 and come in multiple colors. They are each imprinted with a unique QR code, and each can be used online to build a mobile website and create a unique profile for the person wearing it.

My teen and her friend were super excited to get online and try it out.

The first thing you do online is enter the code that came with your Skanz Jr bracelet.

You then choose a profile picture and name your Skanzsite. Kids and teens are encouraged not to use their real name, but to be creative in choosing their username. Also, parents are sent a permission request by e-mail before the bracelet can be used.

The next thing you do is create a profile full of favorite items. So when your friends scans the QR code on your bracelet, they get a whole list of fun information about it. No personal information is given out when the QR code is scanned.

You can also add your favorite music videos to your profile, and new content is added each week so that your child’s profile can easily be updated.

The girls had a lot of fun creating their sites, and then practicing scanning their bracelets afterwards. I loved that they were able to sit down together and create fun profiles, all the while getting to know each other better. They were both really excited to share their Skanzsite with other friends.

There is no cost to register or maintain your Skanzsite. If friends or family don’t have a smart phone, they can enter the bracelets alphanumeric code located on the back into the QR decoder at to view your child’s profile.

Though I felt like the price per bracelet was a little high, overall I love the idea of kids being able to do this together with friends. This would be such a fun birthday gift or party favor for kids!

Thanks Skanz Jr. for letting us try these out! You can learn more about Skanz Jr. here, and view all the different Banz available to purchase here.

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