ABBA You Can Dance Review and PARTAY!

As you know, we love to have dance parties up in here!  Since I had just recently had a dance party, I thought it would be a perfect time to “share the wealth” and put on a super fun party for my niece.  She is turning 11 years old this month, and invited a bunch of friends to come over get their hair and nails done, and disco dance the night away, oh and perhaps open a few birthday presents too!  Speaking as someone who has a birthday somewhat close to Christmas (it’s at the beginning of next month).  I understand how it can be hard for my niece, having a birthday the day after Christmas, and so my sister and I like to make her feel extra special during December.  Fortunately for me (and my sister) Ubisoft did not disappoint!

First I was sent a super fantabulous disco ball to help set the mood for the party.  When it came in the mail my niece was so excited to be able to use it for the party.  My kids had a lot of fun with it too.  My 2 year old little boy kept requesting to get the “dance party” out, meaning “turn on the disco ball”.  We were also sent the game… ABBA You Can Dance.

The party was a complete hit, and there were many a sound of “it’s my turn!” “no you just had a turn, you can go next!”  With 10 Eleven year old girls and only 4 controllers, it was a little scary at times.  Luckily my sister and I survived.  Of course everyone loved “Dancing Queen”, but another favorite was “Take a Chance on Me”.

My sister being the Super Healthy girl that she is, loved having the healthy aspect to her kid’s birthday party.  With the girls up and dancing instead of sitting and watching a movie and eating pizza and cake, the party was much more to her liking.  Plus when girls are wild and crazy, giving them an outlet for that energy during the party saved my sister a bit of sanity!

The game itself is really fun.  It has all of your favorite ABBA songs, and some you may not remember.  There are 2 dance versions to “Dancing Queen”, one that’s somewhat easier and one that’s a little harder.  You can pick out which song you want to dance to, and have at it, or you can play the “musical” mode.  The Musical mode puts you as the star of a musical and steps through the songs in a sequential order.  The only thing I didn’t like about this was  that I couldn’t figure out how to get OUT of Musical mode.  We wanted to just go back and dance to SOS but we had to turn off the game and get back into it in order to go back to just picking random songs.

The moves are fairly easy, except for the parts that have you dancing with a partner and holding hands and things.  The reason this caused a problem was that because it’s a Wii game, you have a controller in your hand.  It would have been fun to really just let loose controller free (via the xbox Kinect).  Everyone had a blast though!

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