Your Music, Everywhere {Altec Lansing Octiv Mini Review/Giveaway}


If you haven’t noticed by now, we kinda like entertainment in this household.  Music is definitely high on that list, especially for my husband.  I’m more of a fan of TV and movies, but I definitely enjoy listening to music when I am doing other tasks (such as laundry and what not).

The Altec Lansing Octiv Mini is a great little speaker for a number of reasons.  First, although it’s small, it packs some serious sound.  The first place I placed the Octiv Mini was in the Kitchen.  We have a large open kitchen, that opens into the family room.  I placed the iPod into the speaker, and it immediately started charging it.  I turned it to my favorite playlist, and found that having the volume about halfway up was perfect.  I don’t like to listen to my music super loud.  I turned it all the way up, just to try it out and it still sounded great (although a little bit too loud for my tastes).

I liked it so much that I actually got a few more for the rest of my house.  The next place I put it was my daughter’s room.  My children like to sleep to music.  We have had a CD player in each of their rooms since they were born.  At first it was just ocean sounds, but now it’s soothing music to help them fall asleep.  What is nice about this is that the mp3 player doesn’t skip, or get stuck.  I can even do a playlist of nice songs instead of just a CD, since one of the songs on my daughter’s favorite soundtrack scares her a little bit.  This is also helpful during the day when she just wants to listen to music to help her clean her room, or just for dancing around.

After that I put it in my bathroom.  I hadn’t had music to listen to during my shower and getting ready for the day in a very long time.  I turned the tunes on, and started dancing around the bathroom.  I had so much fun singing in the shower and getting ready for the day was so much more enjoyable.

The size of this speaker makes it really easy to place anywhere.  What I like about it too, is that I can be in the kitchen and then grab my iPod and the laundry and put it in the Octiv Mini in my bedroom without missing a beat.  It also has an aux port in the back of the speaker so it can be used with other mp3 players… like my favorite … the Zune HD!

If you do have an iPod Touch or iPhone it comes with a free app called Alarm Rock, which will help turn the Octiv Mini into an alarm clock.  Having them all over your house, so that your music is always with you, makes it like a centralized sound system for your entire home!  You don’t even have to wire the house for it!

So not only did Altec Lansing give me one to review (which ended up making me buy more anyway, darn them!), they also gave me one to give away!

To enter to win the Altec Lansing Octiv Mini simply leave a comment on this post!  As always, there is only one entry allowed per person.  The giveaway will go through Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 8 PM MST.

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