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We used to have these SUPER large speakers next to our TV.  My husband always said that they weren’t the best thing for our setup.  Our space for the TV area is somewhat small, and he said that they were too big for what we needed.  We ended up selling those speakers, and buying smaller ones that were better suited for the area.  So how can you tell what kind of speakers you need for the room that you are using them in?

Small enclosed space – A small speaker like the Altec Lansing Octiv Mini is perfect for this area.  The walls are close enough to bounce off of quickly, and the sound can fill this room in about a heartbeat.  You definitely don’t need anything powerful or large for this space.

Large enclosed space – While a small speaker like the Octiv Mini will definitely work in this space, if you really want the sound to fill the room you may want something with multiple speakers to place around the room.  For example a home theater system with strategically placed speakers around the room can make you feel emerged into the movie.  When horses come galloping in from the left you can hear/feel them coming in from the left!  Usually this comes in a “5.1” system which means 5 speakers and a sub-woofer.  The sub-woofer is the large box that you place on the floor that puts the bass sound out.  The sub is what gives you the feeling of an earthquake when there is an actual earthquake on the movie.

Large outdoor space – When there isn’t any walls for the sound to bounce off of, you really need something powerful to fill the area with sound.  Something like the Octiv Air is great because you can add as many speakers as you need to go on different places in your yard to get the most optimal sound.  These speakers are wireless, so you really can place them anywhere in your yard.

No matter what your space is, if it sounds good to you, then that’s what will work.

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