Working Moms Workout (aka Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk)

Since I re-entered the “full time work out side of the home” life again a couple of months ago, I have decided that I need to do some more working mom posts!  Moms everywhere have extremely tight schedules, that typically don’t allow for full workouts.  I’m fortunate enough that there is a gym with 6:30 AM classes right up the street from my office.  During the day, however I get feeling a little restless.  I’m so used to chasing kids AND working that just sitting at a desk working for 8-9 hours makes me feel like getting up and running around the building!

So I’ve come up with some exercises that I have completely made up, that have no foundation or basis in any sort of health or fitness training.  Just what I like to do at my desk, so I thought I’d share.  This is NOT medical advice, and should not be taken as expert opinion.

Desk Pushups – To accomplish the desk push-up I push my chair away from my desk and place my feet about 2-3 feet away from my desk.  I place both hands on the edge of my desk and lower myself down to the desk and lift myself back up keeping my legs and back straight.  Then I switch the direction my fingers are facing and continue with more push-ups.

Chair Crunches – Move your rear to the edge of your chair, to make sure it’s more steady you may want to turn the chair around so it’s resting against the desk.  With your rear end near the edge of the chair lean back as far as you can.  Lift your feet off the ground and then bring your knees towards your chest.  Push your feet out away from your body and then bring the knees back in.  The further you can lean back and the straighter you can make your legs the more of a workout you will get.

Desk Run – Take the same stance as the “desk push-ups”.  Lift your knee towards your chest and then quickly switch legs over and over.

Chair Squats – Sit at the edge of your chair, and stand up, then start to sit back down, but as soon as you tap the chair, stand back up.

Swivel Chair – If your desk chair swings around sit in your chair facing your desk.  Steady yourself by putting your hands on your desk.  Lift your feet off the ground, and using your abs spin your legs around to the left, until they are parallel to your desk (or as far as you can).  Swing your legs back to the front.  Repeat on the right side.

Eye Exercise – If you stare at a computer screen all day like I do, take about 1 minute every hour and focus your eyes on something very far away.

I’ve included a video with some of the exercises I’ve explained, but some you’ll just have to imagine.

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