Why You Should Disable Airdrop On Your Kid’s iPhone

Let’s just say you decided to ignore my advice and give your child an iPhone, or maybe you discovered my site too late, and already gave them one. No harm, no foul. There are still some things you can do to keep your child safe, just not as many things as you could on an Android device.

One of the first things you should do is disable the Airdrop feature. Airdrop is great, especially for business professionals who need to move data between devices quickly. You may even use it on your child’s devices to share photos and more.

There are people out there these days that will take advantage of these features and send your child unwanted images. Reports have surfaced of people driving near a school bus and Airdropping disgusting or creepy images. Everyone on the bus with an iPhone and Airdrop enabled will get the image.

This is called Cyber Flashing. We no longer get those creepy guys on the corner in trench coats waiting to flash people as they walk by, now we invite them to flash us or our children through the technology in our hands!

This may even happen when your child is out at the mall or more. It’s best to lock this feature down so your child isn’t exposed to images you would not want them to see unnecessarily. In this case, the pros definitely do not outweigh the cons.

Yes, Airdrop has a setting to only allow Contacts to Airdrop to the phone, but some of these reports have stated their child has the “Contacts only” set. Mainly this is because the image will be sent as a thumbnail as the request is made to allow the Airdropped photo to be received. Once even the thumbnail is viewed, there is no way for your child to “unview”it. The best option is to just disable the feature.

How to disable Airdrop

On your child’s iPhone go to the “settings” and tap “General”

Next, select Airdrop and choose “Receiving Off”

Make sure, if you do keep it enabled , to update the phone to the latest version. Apple did make some adjustments to not allow a thumbnail in order to accept the image, but it will only keep the thumbnail hidden if you are up to date.

Criminals and the disgusting people of the world continue to get creative with ways to expose our children to harmful experiences. Trying to keep our children safe can sometimes feel like a full-time job! Just add this one to your growing list of things to watch out for!

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