Why Netflix Streaming is My Best Friend

My husband and I waaayyyyy back when were both on a game show called “Beat The Geeks”. It was an AWESOME game show. They had 4 “geeks” in varying categories of pop culture. There was a Music Geek, Movie Geek, TV Geek, and a special guest geek of every week.

We weren’t on the show on the same day, we were both “geeky” enough to make it to the big show on our own pop culture trivia knowledge.  We once even applied to be on the World Series of Pop Culture with another friend of ours, but that test was a little bit harder.  We still did well, but we had some stiff competition.  I completely digress…

So one of our “parting gifts” (which after I told my sister what they were she said she always thought people were saying “party gifts”.  We each got a free month’s subscription to Netflix.  This was a time when Netflix was still an itty bitty baby.  I believe it was 2001.  We signed up for an account and were instantly in love with this new service.  The disc’s came in the mail very quickly, and our queue continued to grow with movies that we wanted to watch.  I commented that this was going to eventually lead to the demise of the brick and mortar video rental stores.  So since 2001 we have been loyal Netflix customers. 

Recently (or maybe not so recent, since it’s probably been about a year or so), they added unlimited streaming to their accounts.  We have an XBOX 360, and immediately started to watch all kinds of videos!  We would find TV series’ that we always wanted to check out (like Jericho… SUCH a great show!  and it’s how we finally got on the LOST bandwagon, as soon as it was nearing its end).  We also were able to watch tons of documentaries.  We love watching documentaries together (if you know us, you probably can guess why).  Lastly, of course, is all the great movies too! 

Now we have Netflix also enabled on our PS3 and the Blu-Ray player on our upstairs TV.  We loved it so much that we were even able to cancel our cable!  We still got all the network shows through an HD antennae, so we didn’t feel like we were missing out on much of anything.

I really can’t say enough about Netflix streaming (and we do still get the DVD’s in the mail for the items that aren’t available on streaming yet).  If you have a Wii, PS3, XBOX 360, or a newer internet ready TV or DVD player then you NEED to hop on the Netflix bandwagon.  It’s fun here!  Once you are there check out Jericho… BEST TV SHOW!

*Disclosure – Netflix probably doesn’t know I am alive and blogging here at my humble home.  They did not contact me or ask me to write this post in any way.  As always, if you are from Netflix and would LIKE to compensate me for this post, you are more than welcome to.  THANKS!

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  • I love Netflix too. We stream it using our Xbox 360, laptops, and iPad. I am also a HUGE Hulu fan. We are enjoying them so much that we will be canceling cable very soon. Saving a few extra bucks from the cancellation of cable was a bit of an incentive too.