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The following is a true story… I was about to do a segment for our local TV morning show on NBC.  It was all about online tools that make your life easier.  I only needed one more, and I saw my friend Brendanonline, and asked him if he knew another tool I can talk about.  He asked me if I’d heard of KitchenMonki.com.  I had not.  I quickly started playing around with the website and was in LOVE… here is the ACTUAL conversation between me and Brendan…

10/15/2009   12:45   Sarah       do you know of any other cool “mom” tools on the internet? I have a few already but just in case i’m missing something
10/15/2009   12:46   Brendan       organizedmom.net
10/15/2009   12:46   Sarah       LOL
10/15/2009   12:46   Sarah       well of COURSE
10/15/2009   12:46   Sarah       🙂
10/15/2009   12:47   Brendan       http://www.kitchenmonki.com/
10/15/2009   12:48   Sarah       i think i might be in love!
10/15/2009   12:48   Brendan       hehehe
10/15/2009   12:48   Brendan       i know!
10/15/2009   12:48   Brendan       i do the shopping so i have kendra find a recipe then give me the list.
10/15/2009   12:48   Brendan       🙂
10/15/2009   12:48   Sarah       that is AWESOME!!!
10/15/2009   12:49   Brendan       i knew you’d like it.
10/15/2009   12:49   Sarah       HOLY CRAP… WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS!!!!!!!!!
10/15/2009   12:49   Brendan       I’m just a normal mormon mom at heart. 😉
10/15/2009   12:49   Sarah       ROFL

So there you have it, my ACTUAL reaction to Kitchen Monki… “HOLY CRAP… WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS!!!!!”.  It quickly became one of my favorite tools for meal planning and here is why. 

Organize – First the site helps you to keep all your recipes organized and in one location.  Yes, it will take some time for you to get your recipes into the website, but it is really easy to do.  Also there are SO many recipes that are already there, that finding the perfect recipe or a new one to try is a snap! 

Plan – Here is where I fell in love with Kitchen Monki.  The website has a meal planner that allows you to “queue” up all the recipes you want to make, then click and drag those recipes to the days you want to make them.  From there  you can print out your plan for the week or for the month.  You can also include in the printout the recipes, shopping list, and the plan (which days you are making what).  What I really love about this part is that usually once I find a recipe in one of my cookbooks or a magazine that I want to make, I would write down the ingredients and purchase them.  When it came down to actually making the recipe I could never remember where I got the recipe from.  With my Kitchen Monki print out I have all the recipes right there on my fridge. 

Shop – The awesome thing about having your entire meal plan online is that you can access it from any location.  Kitchen Monki has a great mobile site that you can access your shopping list and your actual meal plan (including the recipes) from any web enabled phone.  You can also text the shopping list to someone.

Create – All that is left is for you to create your delicious meals.  All of the complication of sitting in a pile of cookbooks and compiling your shopping list is over.  Find new recipes, share them by embedding the recipe into your blog, and get meal planning!  I’m including my daughter’s favorite recipe in this post, Chicken Pillows.

*Disclosure – Kitchen Monki paid for my flight to BlogHer, but all thoughts are my own, and I clearly loved them, AND talked about them on TV long before they bought me a plane ticket.

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  • I am slowly getting my recipes on Kitchen Monki. I too LOVE it!! I feel like some of the other recipes sites are too outdated and I don’t like sifting through a zillion recipes called “pulled pork.” Most of the cooks using KitchenMonki make some pretty good stuff, so I trust that the one or two recipes that come up when I search will taste amazing!!