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The Penguins of Madagascar & Megamind Apps Review / Giveaway

mzl_jbpifowc_320x480-75Yes, I know, I’ve said it a million times, I’m not an Apple person.  I won an iPad once and returned it to Best Buy for store credit!  Some of you will probably have a heart attack after hearing that.  Recently though I also won an iPod Touch, which we have kept and have given to our 5 year old.  She loves it.  So I was OK with reviewing the Megamind App, but can only give away the Penguins of Madagascar app, since it’s for the iPad.

The Megamind app is a fun interactive book that teaches core values such as friendship and cooperation, allowing it’s users to get involved with the story and includes great features like touch-activated animations and sounds effects, voice narration and not to mention actual character audio from the movie.  Maddie LOVES books, and it’s true that I probably buy wayyy too many for her.

mzl_wjwxfnmr_480x480-75The next app is the Penguins of Madagascar app.  It would definitely be cool to own an iPad just to play this game, as there is so much to it!

There is a book, a maze, a coloring book, and the text is highlighted as it’s read so your children can follow along with the story and associate the words with how they sound.

Both apps look amazing, and would be fun for the techy kid you have to play with.  I am giving away 2 of each!  So leave your comment and cross your fingers!

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