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When I started college many moons ago, I was lucky enough to be placed on a floor in the dorms with the most wonderfully awesome people in the entire world.  During that summer we got super close, and had many adventures, and many-a inside joke.  Many of which came from the movie My Best Friends Wedding, and a few from Hercules (can you tell what year I was in college?)  It was a really fantastic year!  Anytime we wanted to talk about a guy we thought was cute we would say “Nice Shoes” which meant that guy over there is really hot!

The next semester some of them moved to an apartment off campus, some of us stayed.  Then the rest of us moved off campus.  I got an apartment with one of my Nice Shoes friends, and then we all started getting married and moving away all together.  A few went to the east coast, a few to the west, and some stayed.  Babies were born, and we tried to all get together when we could, but with us so spread out, it’s been hard.

One of us set up an email group on Yahoo! so that we could keep in touch!  Of course we named the group Nice Shoes, because we are all just so awesomely HOT! We would send one email, to one address, and it would end up going out to all of us.  We’ve been able to keep up with everyone’s addresses for Christmas cards, when someone was having a baby, when someone was getting married!  It’s kept us close even though we all live so far away from each other.

Even since Facebook has come around and we are able to keep in touch even more now, we still use the email list quite often actually. Especially when a baby is born, or we have an address update to share, and definitely we use it to send out the annual address/birthday/phone number update. I am so grateful to my one friend who will be referred to as “In All Her Glory” for making sure we always keep in touch and for setting up the email list to begin with. You RULE! I miss my Nice Shoes friends…. maybe it’s time to send an email….

I chose to include this video from Yahoo! because it perfectly explains how the Nice Shoes group uses it! We talk about each other and the major life stuff that happens.

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