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Brand New Look for Windows 8

Video has just been released featuring a sneak peak at Windows 8.  I’m actually not quite sure what to think about it yet.  It’s got the “Zune” and “Windows Phone 7” type of interface, which I think is great as a mobile OS, but I’m not so sure how it’s going to translate into desktop functionality.  I also really like the Zune interface when it comes to browsing through my music, again, as a business functional operating system, will it be the quick easy access to applications and files that we know and love in Windows 7?  Time will tell.

What Windows 8 appears to offer is a Start screen as opposed to the current start menu, that can be easily customized with links to your favorite applications.  The live tiles, as well, can give you a quick overview of where you stand, or images that your friends post on Facebook (I assume it will behave similarly to the Windows Phone 7 live tiles).  What isn’t answered for me yet is how I can see where I stand will ALL of the applications I currently have running.  What I like about Windows 7 is that I can roll my mouse over the task bar and go to the exact program and file I’m looking for.  I toggle between programs A LOT when I’m working on coding projects and other things.  I’m a multitasker… what can I say?  How well does Windows 8 handle multitasking?  That is going to be a key point to consider.

There will be a HUGE learning curve when this comes out I believe (guess I’ll just have a lot more “how to” posts to write!)  Windows has had the same basic format since Windows 95 was released over 15 years ago.  A start button and a taskbar have been the standard for almost as long as people have had personal PC’s in their homes.  I don’t see this OS as something people will be upgrading to for a while, and especially in an office/business setting.  People fear change, and THIS is a huge one for Microsoft and Windows.

Please watch the video and tell me what you think about this new interface?

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  • I think the new interface looks pretty cool, but looks like it may take some getting use to. I’m pretty sure Microsoft will include some settings that can revert the interface, they’ve usually done so with smaller changes in the Windows interface. Your new site header looks awesome.