The End Of a LONG Era

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5 years.  It’s a really long time.  My son is four.  It’s longer than he’s been alive.  That is how long we have been a one car family for.  5 very long years.  5 years of riding my bike to my sister’s house to borrow her car to pick up my son from Preschool.  5 years of driving my husband to and from work.  5 years of trying to squeeze in some grocery shopping on my lunch break before my husband needed to take the car to work for the rest of the day.  5 years of being stuck at home after I get off work, not being able to take my kids anywhere.  5 years of being reluctant to sign my kids up for sports or other activities without knowing if I would have a way to get them to and from these activities.  Believe me when I say, being a one car family is NOT for the weak.

It’s all over now!  Ken Garff Honda of Orem and I are teaming up again (you can see what we did last time we teamed up in these posts)!  This time Lindsey of The R House, is passing the torch on to me!  Thanks Lindsey!  I won’t let you down!  Let me introduce you to the ways we will be working together!

Test Drives – The blogger test drives are back!  I will be scheduling test drives with various bloggers around Utah allowing them to fully experience driving a brand new Honda without all the pressure of heading to a dealership.  If you are interested in being one of the test subjects, feel free to contact me to schedule it!

Features! – As the tech blogger that I am, we will be going through various features of the cars, so I can tell you all about the awesome technology that is going into these cars.  Believe me, these cars are truly from the future.

Get Organized – I’m also going to be popping you over to my Organized Mom blog to talk about various ways to keep your cars organized and clean.  Even some tips on road trip packing and what you can really do with ALL those cup holders.

The Honda Bear! – This guy is probably my favorite part of the program.  I received him from a “swag” box for the Mom 2.0 conference.  Since I was asked to participate in the this program I thought it would be fun to take the Honda Bear out on adventures throughout Utah and more!  He’s looking quite comfy at the steering wheel just begging me to take him on some super fun adventures!

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There’s going to be some other fun stops along the way, such as an instagram photo a day, pinterest boards, You Tube video’s and even Google Hangouts so you can learn about what to expect when heading down to Ken Garff Honda of Orem.

Stay tuned for a special promotional code that can get YOU a discount on a car when you head down to the dealership!

Needless to say, this one car family could not be any happier about becoming a two car family (even if it is just for a little while)

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