The Bump Gives Awards for the Best in Baby Tech at CES 2016

This year the Bump awarded several “Best of Baby Tech” awards, and the winners have been announced!  Although I don’t have a baby anymore, checking out all these products ALMOST makes me want to have another baby.  There is just so much cool stuff out now!  Let’s check out the products that won!

Owlet Baby Monitor



This is a little sock that you can put on your baby to keep track of it’s vital statistics while they are sleeping in their crib.  According to the company “In our short time on the market, we already have several documented cases where the Owlet Monitor alerted parents when a baby stopped breathing, allowing quick intervention.”  This product is literally saving children’s lives!

The Starling



All of cousins from a particular family are incredibly smart.  I mean genius level smart, all 6 of them.  One of the things my Aunt says she did often is speak directly to her children.  The more you talk with your children, even when they can’t respond, the more their brain works during that time and helps it to grow.  The Starling is a smart little device that tracks the number of words your baby hears and says each day.  You can set word goals for yourself (just like you can set step goals for yourself).  It’s not like we are going to forget our baby is there, but hitting specific goals every day can remind us, that even if we are playing with our child, we might not remember to talk to them!  This is a fun device that will help you keep on track.

ADVANCED SensorSafe™ Embrace™ DLX Infant Car Seat



We have ALL heard the horror stories, and have thought, that would NEVER happen to me.  The truth is, though, that kids are left in the car at an alarming rate.  This car seat will alert you to the presence of your child if you try to leave.  Even if you don’t think it could ever happen to you.  The peace of mind I would feel knowing for certain that my child was not going to be left in the car would be enough for me to get this car seat!

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer



When I go to the doctor, and they ask for how long my child has had a fever, how high it’s gotten, what was it most recently, I swear my mind goes blank.  That history is so important when they are trying to diagnose what is going on with your child.  What I love about this, is that it automatically keeps a history of the temperature readouts, AND you can add symptoms at that time, so when you go to the doctor you can just show them the report of your last 2 sleepless nights trying to keep your child comfortable.  Totally genius.

Freemie Freedom Pump and Collection Cups


This would have been a game changer when I had my first child.  This product allows you to pump with your shirt on, and hands free!  I worked at an IT consulting firm when I had Maddie, and needless to say, in an IT consulting firm, other females were few and far between.  I had to pump in a bathroom stall, or out in my car and hope that no one could see me in the back seat! With these, I could have just pumped right at my desk!

Univfy IVF Prediction Tests


“Univfy IVF Prediction Tests (includes Univfy PreIVF and Unvify PredictIVF) are online tests that provide fertility patients with personalized probabilities of their likely success with in vitro fertilization (IVF), supplying patients much more accurate and meaningful data than available before to make important decisions about costly fertility treatments. Based on research originally conducted at Stanford University, Univfy IVF Prediction Tests compare a user’s own health data, such as age, body mass index, reproductive history, and laboratory tests commonly performed for fertility patients, against data of tens of thousands of women who have had IVF, to give the user an accurate and personalized probability of having a baby from IVF.”

Fortunately for me, I never had to deal with this.  I know several people who have spent thousands of dollars on IVF, only to have it fail.  Even if this told you it was likely to fail, I doubt that any of my friends would have chosen to NOT do it, BUT it could have better prepared them for the failed result.

Needless to say, things are looking bright in babyland!  Make sure to take a look at the rest of the finalists for some more really cool products!

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