Lenovo’s New Accessories at CES

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Lenovo is already well known as a company that makes amazing PC’s, but they also have some great accessories that I was completely blown away by!  What really made me fall in love with Lenovo to begin with was they way they make awesome enhancements to their products.  Such when they made a handle on a tablet, which secretly holds a larger battery to give the tablet amazing battery life!  It’s that little something extra that completely sets Lenovo apart from other companies.  This year at CES they continued to show that they are still thinking of ways to add innovation to every day products.  Check out my video of my favorites

The first product that blew me away was the Lenovo Link.


I currently use Push Bullet to get text messages and other phone alerts on my computer while I’m working.  I can respond to text messages from my computer, but any other alerts I need to pick up my phone to deal with.  Lenovo link is a device you plug your phone into, and then plug into your computer and it will bring your phone’s screen onto your computer screen.  The most awesome thing about this device is the price!  It’s only going to be about $40 and available in March.  You better believe I will be purchasing one on release day!

Next I was able to play with the Lenovo Yoga Mouse.


The mouse can flatten out for portability, like some other mouse models out there, BUT the Yoga mouse will display some controls on the flattened mouse so you can use it to control a presentation or your media files!


Lenovo released the ThinkPad Stack last year, but this year they have added a few more pieces!  In addition to the Bluetooth speaker, the wireless hotspot, the hard drive, and the mobile charger, they have added a projector to the mix, AND a wireless charger!  I love it!


I have spoken before about how much I love my Lenovo Tiny, which runs my Plex server, and our Minecraft server.  I have now met the upgrade I will be purchasing to replace it.  The ideacentre 610S is the perfect device to run your media components like a Plex server.  First the design is fantastic, and will integrate nicely with your entertainment center.  It doesn’t LOOK like there’s a computer sitting up there, it looks more like a speaker.  The other awesome thing, is you can purchase a projector that fits right on top of it!  If it’s running something like your Plex server, you won’t even need a TV to hook it up to!


Lenovo is seriously just hitting it out of the park with it’s attention to detail and constant innovation, that really makes me a Lenovo customer for LIFE!

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