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I met Kyle from Swoob recently at a blogger event here in Utah.  I was thrilled when I saw exactly what their product was.  It’s a sports bra, with a pocket for your cell phone (and a couple other smaller pockets for good measure).  As someone who has recently become obsessed with running and fitness, I couldn’t wait to try this product out.  Luckily, they allowed me to beta test one of their bras in my upcoming races (of which there are many).  In the interest of disclosure, they also paid my race entry fees so I could test the product, but I have not been compensated otherwise for this post.


Unfortunately, this particular model (which is mainly just a beta model) I would say isn’t ideal for running.  It runs a bit big, and the straps aren’t able to go tight enough for my running tastes.  The cell phone pocket is a tad small for my ginormous phone as well.  As such, I was able to put my iPod Nano in the pocket and it fit perfectly.  This current model is ideal for low impact activities, such as yoga, pilates, some light aerobics, etc.  Even lifting would be a perfect activity for this current model, since there is minimal bouncing around.

What I’m excited about, though, is what is in store for the future.  I typically say that if your pitch to me has the word “kickstarter” in the email, it’s going automatically to my trash box.  I don’t normally do “potential products”  I always say, come to me when you have a product in your hand I can test out.  I’m making an exception here.  First, because I believe this is a product that I NEED.  Second, the next model looks like exactly what I’m looking for in a sports bra.

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Thick straps are definitely a must for me.  I love the look of it as well.  The fabric would likely be similar to the current model, which I will say that I LOVE.  It’s super soft and feels great.  Also, I have talked with them about making the phone pocket bigger in the next model, along with some way to secure the phone in place.  I also love that they haven’t just included a cell phone pocket.  There are two other pockets in there where I could add my “fuel” such as a packet of Gu or a Shot Blok or two.  Their Kickstarter has a ton of great incentives to contribute to their project.  The one I’m especially eyeing are the super cute lounge pants.  Supporting the production and development of this product is a total win win for you.  Eventually, this awesome bra will come to market, and you could get yourself some super cute fitness gear in the process.

Now excuse me while I go do some pilates while rocking my beta tester bra….

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