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I really love looking at infographics.  They are so visual and give you a ton of interesting information.  Samsung recently created a graphic about tablet use.  Check it out!




What I loved about it was how it shows that so many people use their tablets for so many different things.  Tablets are definitely not a “one size fits all” kind of thing.  I’ve been lucky enough to test several tablets.  I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  My favorite BY FAR is the Note 8.  I was excited to get the 10.1, but after it arrived I really felt that it was too big for me.  I ended up leaving it at home most of the time.  The main thing I use a tablet for is a day planner.  I chucked my old Franklin Covey planner out the window, and started keeping track of my schedule, to do lists, notes, etc all in a tablet.  I haven’t looked back.  With the Note 8, it’s even more perfect as a day planner because of the S-Pen.  This morning during my DailyBurn Inferno challenge I had to keep track of the reps I did in each exercise.  I opened up an Evernote Skitch note and just kept track right on the tablet with my pen.  No paper to lose, and I can remember how many reps I did the previous week.  It also fits perfectly in my big purse, AND my little purse, so it can travel with me anywhere.

Someone else likely has completely different needs.  Maybe they need to use their tablet as more of a laptop, and therefore the 10 inch makes more sense for them.  That’s what I love about this graphic, in how it shows the different sizes and uses for tablets!

Samsung recently announced a new line of tablets… Samsung Galaxy Tab 3’s, which will be available in 7″, 8″ and 10″.  Those are definitely perfect.  I love the 8, since 7 seems too small for me, and 10 I know is too big for me (what can I say, I’m tiny!)  I love that they are coming out with the 3 sizes at the same time.  When the Note 10 came out I was dying to see a smaller version come out.  Luckily it eventually happened, and I have my most favorite tablet in my hands now!

Check out the specs and more details on these new tablets on Samsung’s website.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post.  I was given a Note 8 several weeks ago, but it was not in connection with this post.

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