Sonny Bloggie Sport HD Camera Review

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Sony hands down has the best white balance of any compact camera out there.

Which is why it was a pleasure to try out the new camera in the Bloggie family: the Bloggie Sport HD.

The Bloggie Sport is similar the Bloggie Live, but this baby comes with an extra punch. It’s shock proof, dirt resistant, and waterproof up to sixteen feet underwater.

The Bloggie Live can also capture full 1080p HD videos and takes crisp 5MP photos, which all display on a brilliant 2.7″ touch screen.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed that the Bloggie Sport didn’t boast the same 12.8MP photos like the Bloggie Live. Though there is a noticeable quality difference, I was still impressed with the images I was able to take.

Another cool feature, and Sony trademark, is the flip-out USB arm for uploading and charging the camera. This well designed feature helps keep the internal parts of the camera nice and dry when closed.

Some of my favorite features with this camera is the ability to shoot and videotape up close.  I also love that the large screen is a touch screen that even works while under water.

The bloggie sport is not just dirt and water proof, it’s a kid proof camera with a shock resistance rating for up to a 5 foot drop. I would definitely call this a family friendly camera!

Here’s a few shots of the Bloggie on a recent trip to Mexico. It did supremely well, and I couldn’t help but love the fact that I was one of the only people able to take pictures of an ocean blowhole that was spraying water everywhere!

The Sony Bloggie Sport retails for $179, and can be purchased through Sony HERE. Thanks Sony for letting me borrow this camera and try it out!

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