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My kids are amazing iPad navigators. It’s no surprise though, as Apple’s devices are very user friendly for families. As my kids use our iPad more and more, I am realizing it can be utilized for continually educating them. Sure we watch videos and play popular games, but working on things like music, reading, and math skills can be just as fun with the right application and iPad accessory.

These are iPad tools made by  The Joy Factory. They are by far the most superb iPad tools I have found for both kids and adults.

First, is the Monet stylus. Unlike typical styluses that look like a shortened pen, the Monet stylus is elongated and an ideal blend of length, weight, and contour. This is great for painting, writing, and photo-editing on your device.

The Monet stylus is carefully crafted to feel solid in your fingers, yet light enough to move gracefully as you work. It also employs a super-sensitive rubber nib that is large enough that you don’t need to worry about little ones scratching the surface of your iPad… a problem I had with a shorter stylus I recently bought on eBay.

The Monet Stylus retails for $29.95, and can be purchased through The Joy Factory here.

Next up is the Apreggio keyboard, also by The Joy Factory. It is a perfect companion for your iPad or Bluetooth-enabled Mac. (We love having a bluetooth enabled keyboard on our iMac as it reduces one of many unnecessary cords!)

The Arpeggio is incredibly easy to set up with your iPad, and my absolute favorite part is it is rechargeable! No buying bulky batteries with this baby. The lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery charges very fast, and it goes to sleep if you don’t use it for four minutes, so the battery lasts longer too.

The great thing about the Arpeggio keyboard, is it is lightweight and very thin. It easily fits small hands if your kids are working on typing skills, and it’s great for mom and dad too! I love that it’s so thin I can slide it right into our iPad sleeve as well.

The Arpeggio keyboard retails for $59.95, and can be purchased through Joy Factory here.

To learn more about The Joy Factory and view other amazing products, go here.

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