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I mentioned in my previous post that I had not actually signed up for Equipment Protection on my current Sprint plan, because I felt that it wasn’t worth it.  After hearing about the Total Equipment Plus plan though, I wanted to get that added to my account.  Fortunately for me, during the month of June Sprint had an open enrollment where you can sign up for the plan, even though you were not purchasing a new phone.  Now, if you want to get it added, you’ll have to do it during your upgrade process when you come in to get a new phone.

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Each and every time I go into a phone store, I’m shocked at how busy they are.  By now everyone has a phone, right?  That’s the thing though, EVERYONE has a phone, so your upgrade day is likely different than my upgrade date, and so on, making the store always busy no matter the day or time.

I have always been impressed with my local Sprint store though in how friendly they are and try to make sure everyone in the store is well taken care of.  They really seem to enjoy their job, and it’s right near the Target I visit on a weekly (if not multiple times a week) basis.

So we sat down to get all set up with Total Equipment Protection Plus.  He first added it to my account and then we went to the Google Play store and downloaded the app.  The store had recently gotten a 4G signal, and the download was blazing fast.  I may have mentioned wanting to move into the store, but that’s neither here nor there.  We had the app installed and completely set up within about 4-5 minutes.  This includes it going through my hundreds of apps as an initial scan, and creating an account for the application.

Once the app was totally up and running he took me through the options which included first, checking out the backup settings (Which by default was already set up, but we looked at what settings were available in case I wanted to tweak the timing of the backups or what was being backed up.).  Second we checked out the anti-virus protection that is enabled automatically with the app.

Then we got to the super fun features that I was really excited about.  There is something called “app assist” which will tell you exactly which applications you have installed that can track your location, access and SEND personal information, and even which ones use a lot of battery life.  With 195 apps on my phone, it is kinda impossible for me to check into every single app to see what it can do.  SURE I could have paid attention when downloading the app too, but who’s got time for that.  The second feature that I ADORED was the “find my phone” part.  If you hop on the website and click the button to send an alarm to the phone, which will sound (quite loudly I might add) even if the phone is on silent.  Which, I definitely love, but if they could make one for my Harmony Remote too, then I’d never lose anything!



After we went through the app, he also chatted with me about how to make a claim if anything were to ever happen to my phone.  One thing that bothered me in the past is the deductible.  I usually always pick the zero deductible health insurance plans too, just because I don’t like surprise expenses.  I like to pay the same amount every month (even if it costs more) to not have to worry about going to the doctor or breaking my phone.  So, while the deductible is still in place, the plan does cover service and repair at NO additional charge.  So, say your phone stops charging, and you are well outside your manufacturers warranty, totally covered.  If you drop your phone in a toilet though, you’re probably still going to have to pay the deductible.  You can create your claim right on their website, or call in.

All in all, the process was super easy and fast to get set up and my device protected.  Even if he hadn’t taken the time to walk me through all the settings, the app pretty much sets itself up with the settings I would have picked anyway.  Total protection without the hassle of trying to figure it out.

I am super glad to have the app on my phone and the protection on my Sprint plan.  If you have any questions about the device protection provided by Asurion, I totally recommend heading into one of the Sprint stores and asking them about it.  You can also chat with them online, or over the phone.  So next time Sprint offers open enrollment, or you are needing an upgrade, you know exactly what you want!

Even though this is a sponsored post, I was not told what to say about the service.  All opinions are my own.

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