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Our closets have always been a source of annoyance of mine.  In our haste to move to Utah, we kind of got a little bit of a bait and switch with our home builder, and ended up buying a brand new home where we didn’t get to pick any of the options.  In hindsight, we should have held out for something that we REALLY wanted, but we make do with what we have.  We still do love our house, but there are definitely parts that I would NOT have picked.

Growing up, when we moved into a brand new house (2 different times), my Dad would hire someone to put in some elaborate shelving into the house as it’s being built.  I would have loved to do something similar with our brand new house.  Especially in the closets.  We had just spent thousands of dollars on custom built closets for our home in California, and then several months later we sold the house when we decided to move to Utah.  When we moved into this brand new house, I sure missed those awesome closets I just had built!

So, we are finally getting around to changing the things we don’t like about our house.  One of them being the horribly pieced together closets systems I had in place in our closet, and my daughter’s closet.  For the big before and after picts, be sure to check out my post about the install on my Organized Mom blog.

The most affordable way we found to get a really solid closet system in place though, was on the Martha Stewart Closets website by Home Depot.  It was so incredibly easy to use!

First you browse to and click “design your closet”.

Next you will select which type of closet you have, a reach-in or a walk-in.



Next you simply enter your measurements into the website to match your closet’s setup, and it will come up with a suggested design for you.





If you don’t like their suggestions you can click on any of the suggestions and it will bring up all of the options you have for that section.



Once you’ve got it all set up the way you want, you click the “kits needed” on the left.  It will tell you exactly which kits you need to buy to complete your closet, and how much it will cost you.  It will also allow you to checkout from there, or just print your list for further reference.

I love that you can plan out your entire closet system, down to exactly how it will look once it’s all set up in your own closet, online!  I will warn you though.  Once you get in there and start playing with the website, you’re going to want to order your new closet… like that day.  Being able to really visualize how your final product will come out without any of the heavy lifting.  Just like you can paint a room with Behr’s online tools, DIY tools like these make planning out your project SO much easier!

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To give you more ideas, be sure to check out the top 4 ways to use the Martha Stewart Closet system.

Here’s a sneak peek though at the Master closet I’ll be talking about on the Organized Mom site tomorrow….

DSC_0278 DSC_0301

Disclosure: Martha Stewart and Home Depot graciously gave me the kits to facilitate my review, but I was not compensated.  All labor and thoughts are my own… ok and maybe the labor was mostly my husbands.

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