Selling New and Pre-Owned Electronics with Glyde

I just sold an iPad 1 and I must tell you, selling gently used electronics has never been easier with the fabulous user friendly site called Glyde!

Glyde is an online store that helps you sell your pre-owned or new electronics, DVD’s, video games, and more. By basically acting as the middle party, Glyde helps connect buyers and sellers in an easy and affordable way.

The Glyde website is incredibly easy to navigate. A large search bar at the top easily guides you to find searchable items that you want to buy, or easy step by step instructions for selling.

Listing my 1st generation iPad was so easy, and I loved that the site enabled me to use stock photos, but I could still choose from detailed options that described the condition of my device.

Glyde also does a fabulous job helping you determine the market value of your electronics. At first I listed the iPad slightly above retail. After a few days it hadn’t sold so I easily adjusted the price to market value and it sold within just a few minutes!

I also love that Glyde is forthcoming with the amount you will make from your sale. Instead of confusing percentages, a clear cut price and profit evaluation is presented to you before you even list your item for sale. When you consider the amount inclues shipping in a padded box that Glyde provides, the cost of using the site is incredibly affordable.

As soon as my iPad sold, I was sent an email notification, and within just a few days a padded shipping box arrived complete with a pre-paid shipping label.

So easy!

The Glyde website offers detailed instructions on how to clear your personal information from your device, and even provides a cleaning cloth so your electronics arrive at their new home squeaky clean!

I have previously used ebay to sell devices that I am no longer using, but I always hated the complicated shipping aspect of it. It seriously could not have been easier with Glyde.

After the purchaser received my iPad, I was sent another notification email, and within a few days a check was in the mail. You can also use your Glyde credit to purchase items through the website if you wish.

Overal it was a fabulous experience using the Glyde website, and I  can’t wait to use it again. In fact, we happen to have multiple gently used cell phones just sitting around here and I can’t wait to list them this week!

To learn more about Glyde and try out their website you can visit them online here.


Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post, however I was provided with an iPad 1 for the review. All opinions are my own.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links.



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