FBI Warning: PC Blocked Virus – MoneyPak (Malware)

There is a super nasty virus trolling around the interwebs today, that could freak anyone, who doesn’t know the difference, out.  What happens is that suddenly your entire screen gets taken over by a message, similar to what you see in this image.  What the message essentially says is that your PC is blocked because you have been doing naughty things on the internet.  In order to restore full access to your machine again, you have to pay a fine to the “FBI”.

Of course your money really wouldn’t be going to the FBI, it would be going to the people who created the virus in the first place.  I imagine they are going to make a truckload of money on this scam too.  This type of malware is called “RansomWare”.  If you do pay, you will probably still continue to see the message, and they’ll keep taking your money.

Here’s what you need to do to try and remove it from your computer.

1. Press and hold the power button on your computer until it shuts completely down as soon as you see this alert come up.

2. Power your computer back up and continue to hit f8 until it gives you the options to boot into Safe Mode with Networking.  (you will have to use your arrow keys to select safe mode with networking)

3. Once the computer is booted up into Safe Mode, open up a web browser and visit www.malwarebytes.org.  Download the free version of the software.

4. Install Malwarebytes, and kick off a full scan.  If Malwarebytes is already installed on your computer open the program, click update and make sure the software is completely up to date, then kick off the full scan.

5. Once Malwarebytes has found your infections, click “view results”

6. Make sure all items listed have a check mark next to them and then “remove selected”

7. It will likely make you reboot your machine at this point.  When it comes back up, run the scan again to make sure it comes back clean.

Be safe out there folks, and don’t be afraid if you see a message like this.  It’s a scare tactic, and is not legitimate.  The FBI wouldn’t just put a message on your screen, they would monitor you until they had enough information, and then come break down your door.  Good Luck!

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