Photospring Digital Photo Frame Review

Sharing photos with friends and loved ones is pretty much the basis of most of the popular social media platforms. Instagram is almost completely based on this concept. Although, many of the people we love the most, and want to share with, didn’t grow up with social media. They aren’t as adept at checking these platforms for your latest updates. Because of this, a digital photo frame that can automatically be updated with photos are wildly gaining in popularity.

The other problem we face these days is that we take so many pictures with our phones. We maybe share them on Instagram or Facebook, and then completely forget about them. These photos live forever inside the phone, never to see the light of day.

Photospring wants to solve both problems and has a touchscreen digital photo frame that they think you will love. The frame itself is a 10″ touchscreen device that looks very much like a standard tablet. It comes with a stand to charge the frame that allows it to sit in portrait or landscape mode. There is also a port on the bottom of the tablet you can use to charge it without the stand.

What I liked about the digital photo frame

The frame was extremely easy to set up. Especially with the touchscreen keyboard, it was easy to get it connected to my wifi and set up my account. I was then able to add photos from my computer, by downloading their software. I was also able to use my phone to send pictures, by downloading their app.

With the software installed I was able to specify a folder that would automatically update the frame. Anytime I add pictures to that particular folder, they will be uploaded to the picture frame.

It is just as easy to set up automatic uploads from your phone as well. The app has a simple toggle switch that will allow you to add any photo you take with your phone. You may need to be careful with this setting though. You’d hate to upload an unflattering picture of yourself to your parent’s picture frame!

Photos & Videos

The frame will also show videos that are uploaded. You can relive the moment your son saw Mickey Mouse in person for the first time! It is really fun to suddenly see a video play in the midst of the photos. Don’t worry though, you can turn the volume all the way down so you aren’t surprised by your child’s latest band concert in the middle of your Netflix show!

The automatically generated playlists are a really great addition to the frame. They have options for you to see only images from the past year, or just this week from previous years, specific friends or family members, specific locations and more. I love being reminded of things that have happened in the past in such a fun way.

While they don’t have these integrations available yet, they are coming soon according to the app. Once the update is live you will be able to automatically upload pictures to the frame from your social accounts like Instagram and Facebook, or have it tap into your Google photos.

The more frames you have in your family or circle of friends, you can share photos between them, or upload images to multiple frames (like if you purchased a frame for each set of grandparents).

What I didn’t like

As I mentioned above you can use a port on the device to keep the Photospring plugged in without a stand. I thought this would be great to try and use the frame on our wall in our newly remodeled downstairs. Unfortunately, the placement of the port makes it so the cord is sticking out of the bottom of the tablet, so you would not be able to hide the cord if you wanted to keep it plugged in on the wall.

Also, in my attempt to hang the frame on the wall, I wanted to see how long the frame would last without being plugged in. I thought if I didn’t like the cord sticking out, I could hang it on the wall, and then charge it on the stand on our end table when it needed to charge. The device only lasted a couple of hours without the charger, tops.

I also wanted to create my own playlists with the software on the computer, or the app on my phone. These features have not been added to either yet. The only way to create a playlist of pictures manually is to add the photos to the device through the software or the app and then go to the frame and create the playlist and then add the photos by tapping them individually when editing the playlist. This method seemed a little clunky to me, and not extremely user-friendly.

Lastly, the software does seem a bit buggy still, I set the frame to shut off at 10 PM every night and turn back on at 6 AM, and it has yet to do so. I also told it to adjust the photos so they fill the frame, but it seems to struggle with a few of them.

Final Thoughts

The frame itself is nice and big and will display both pictures and videos in excellent quality, which is great, especially for grandparents who want to stay up to date with their grandchildren.

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