Osmo Releases New Add-On App – Numbers

Recently my son stumbled across a product, and called me over to check it out.  The product was Osmo, and as soon as I saw the website I was SUPER interested in checking it out.  Long time readers of my site know that I typically will not discuss a product unless it’s available for both Android and iOS, but after seeing the videos on this, I knew I had to make an exception.  The product is seriously genius, and I was totally excited that they were generous enough to send one my way to test out.

It was perfect timing too, because they just today released an add-on app for the Osmo called Numbers.  Check out their announcement video….

The new game is an under-the-sea themed adventure where the object is to release the fish captured in numbered bubbles back into the water. As integers appear on the iPad’s screen, players use physical number tiles in front of the iPad to create an equation to reach that integer. Once you hit the number, the bubble pops and the fish is released. In Osmo Numbers there is no right way to reach an answer, players can use any combo of numbers, or operations.

“Just as gifted hip hop musicians can spontaneously create rhymes, we envision a world where kids have a strong math sense and can put together computations in such a manner – we call it freestyle math,” said Pramod Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Osmo. “Math was the number one requested experience from our users and we’ve designed Osmo Numbers to foster this freestyle thinking in kids and make it fun to truly understand math and apply it in free-form.”

We are truly loving this product!  My kids (10 year old and 6 year old) have literally been playing it nonstop since it came in the mail.  (well… they DO sleep and go to school too…. but when they can, of course).  Tomorrow I’ll post our review of the entire system, but we were just so excited about Numbers launching today I had to talk about it!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this announcement and the review tomorrow, and only received the product to help facilitate the review.  Also… it should say something that I lifted my ban on things that aren’t available for Android for this product, I like it THAT much!

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