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Hands On Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro + Giveaway

Lenovo was kind enough to send me a one of their brand new Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro tablets, and let me just tell you that this thing has got it all.  Really, anyone can make a slate and call it a tablet, and they have.  I love how Lenovo thinks ahead of the game, and figures out what they can ADD to the tablet to make it stand out from the extremely crowded tablet space.

They first did it with the amazing battery life.  That is what first impressed me the most about this tablet when I got my hands on the first Yoga Tablet.  There were definitely some things that the tablet lacked, and it really took me quite a while to give it up when I got my ThinkPad Tablet 10, but I just love using a stylus so much, that the ThinkPad won.

THEN Lenovo upped their game AGAIN and starting putting projectors right into the tablet!  Now, it’s gotten even better with the addition of the AnyPen technology.  This is what finally sold me to come back to the Yoga tablet… amazing battery PLUS I can use any pen as a stylus??  SOLD.

Check out my hands on with the brand new tablet…

Lucky for you all… I’m giving one away!  Simply fill out this form by November 15th at 8 PM, MST to be entered to win a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro!  Only one entry per person.

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