On Vacation… NEED Sleep! #CleverZzzQuil #spon

Hello from Sunny Southern California!! My family and I packed up the car, and the kids and drove on out to San Diego to have some fun in the sun with all of my siblings and their families. It’s day 2, and I’m EXHAUSTED!! It’s vacation! It’s supposed to be relaxing. At this rate, I’m going to need a serious vacation after my vacation. Here’s what’s been keeping me from my much needed sleep…

1. Drove All Night. We left at 9 PM and drove all night so that the kids would be sleeping soundly for most of the trip. We drove all night and ended up in San Diego around 7 AM local time. This left my husband and I to tag team the trip. Since I’m not so much a fan of night time driving, I just tried to keep him on his toes by staying awake with him and chatting. I took over at one point so he could take a bit of a nap, then he drove again, and I slept for a teeny tiny bit, and we switched again after he “hit the wall”. I finished up the trip for the last hour or 2.

2. No Rest for the Weary. So then we arrived in San Diego WAY before we were able to check into our hotel. So we had some time to kill with the kids while we waited to get access to awaiting beds. We hung out at the beach in front of the hotel, and let the kids play while we tag teamed trying to get some rest in the sand. It didn’t work very well.

3. Sleeping arrangements. In the hotel there are 2 beds. As young as our kids are, we didn’t think it was wise to keep them both in the same bed, one was likely to fall off as they both pushed each other around (ages 3 and almost 7). So my husband slept in the bed with one kid, and I slept with the other. Those kids are tossing and turning experts! Plus there is something about sleeping next to one of your kids that ends up putting you in the most uncomfortable positions to sleep, that you wouldn’t DARE move from so that you don’t wake the sleeping child!

Lucky for us, we brought the kids’ ipod that has their “sleeping music” and the radio that it plugs into. Having their music with them helps at least the kids get the necessary rest… My husband and I will be able to sleep someday! Or maybe, we’ll just dig a hole in the sand like my son, hide from the kids and fall asleep there.

So if you are as much in need of some rest as my husband and I are here’s a coupon for you to grab some zzzQuil http://Smithsfoodanddrug.com/zzzquil.

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