Nintendo 3DS XL House Party!


My daughter LOVES to throw parties.  I’m not even kidding.  There was a time where I had to finally limit the amount of parties she was throwing.  If she didn’t want to be a paleontologist when she grows up, I would for sure think she wanted to be a party planner.  So when I told her she could throw a Nintendo party, she was SOOOO excited.  We love Nintendo in this house!  We even still have my husband’s original Nintendo with a full shelf of cartridges, AND his old Gameboy!


Right away Maddie got to work on party plans.  She wrote out an entire timeline (that had the party going for about 5 hours…. I told her to trim it down a bit).  The beginning of the party started out with pizza and a dance party.  She put her favorite songs on her phone and connected to our Bluetooth speaker, and they were off and dancing.  She then had various “centers” throughout the house for people to visit and rotate every 30 minutes.  She was extremely strict about the rotation schedule.  Station 1 was the 3DS XL‘s.  They had 2 3DS’ to play, then they rotate to the Wii-U on the downstairs TV, and last they rotate to the regular Wii upstairs.  There was no rotation that involved the old school Nintendo or Gameboy… my husband was sad.

The girls on the 3DS XL station had so much fun playing Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  

Tomodachi Life is like a SimCity type game.  You build your island and create a Mii that looks like you.  From there you can earn and unlock various parts of your island.  There is one area that will let your Mii sing songs.  I can not tell you how long they spent on this feature.  The words and tunes are already in the game, but you can add your own lyrics and they were coming up with some super silly songs for the Mii’s to sing.  They were literally all gathered around the DS creating silly songs and cracking up so much when the Mii would sing them.  You can also create other people like friends, family, and even celebrities.  In real life you may not be friends with a famous person, but you sure can be in this game!


Animal Crossing was super fun for them though, because they were able to interact with each other through the DS…. even though they were sitting right next to each other.  It’s like when I text my husband from across the room.  In Animal Crossing you can great your own little world, that even keeps growing and changing when you are away.  My daughter loves to come back and see what has changed or been added to the game while she was gone.  She also loves when games decorate their environments for various holidays.



They also had a lot of fun checking out different games on the Wii-U and the Wii.




Most of the kids didn’t want to switch at their 30 minute mark, but my daughter… the wonderful planner that she is, wouldn’t sit for that.  After they would switch they had a ton of fun at their new station as well.

The party worked out extremely well for their moms (who are also friends of mine) as well, since they were able to get a little Christmas shopping done minus a few children.

Needless to say, the party and games were a total success… and it was my kind of party.  Super easy, and just let my daughter take control of the whole thing.  I just sat back and browsed Facebook.

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